Thursday, April 4, 2013

The BFF party is over!

Even though we wore them out at times.

And may have even bored them a little....(hopefully not a lot)
After all we are Grandparents and getting older by the day...literally.... 
(I gained a whole year just yesterday.)

They were also such good sweet sports about everything

We got to keep them at our house because Amy and Logan's house was in complete disarray 
from their sudden hot water leak. Thankfully their family has the same insurance as we do (Liberty Mutual) 
and have been put up in a hotel for 6 nights, so far. 

Amazing how organized Amy is even during an emergency, and with a flying twin.

 After saying their goodbyes in the rain....Grandpa took Jessica off to the airport. 
Poof, she was gone. Just like that, time turned into a memory.

 They both said they had a really good time, and Grandpa and I are thankful for that.

Something tells me these girls will still be getting together after they are married and raising children.
And poof, it will go by that fast!


Anonymous said...

Such sweet girls!
It was raining up there? Dry as a bone down here. I love those red leaves. What kind of tree is that? Looks like fall.

Anonymous said...

Your grand-daughters are lovely young ladies and how wonderful that they got to spend time with you, too, especially for your birthday. Waiting to hear how your special day was celebrated. (Anyone have pictures of the one usually behind the camera!?!)
The water leak is awful --- what was the cause? So ironic to happen within the family twice lately. (Bet Richard is nervous)
The view from your front door is spectacular, despite the rain! Such vivid colors and the rain makes it look fresh.
Love to all,

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~~ That's our Japanese Maple. It is sort of in the shade so it stays red all summer. I love it. Den is always wanting to trim it but I won't let him. The green one behind it in the picture I planted the day Tyler graduated from 6th grade, so that's my Tyler tree.

Pam~~ I'm not sure they know the cause of their hot water leak. They just suddenly noticed the floor was squishy.

the Rich girl said...

I'm so glad that Kylie and Jessica could get together! I'm sure they had the best time together and made lots of fun memories.

I love how Tea looks like she's flying through the air. (And Amy really is so organized! That's really impressive!!)

Sue said...

What fun that you got to have them stay with you!


PS. Not so fun about the leak, though...