Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jessica's Prom

Not only her first prom, but also her first date. No pressure there.

Good thing Jessica made it home from our house last week, 
so she could attend her Prom in Utah.

These pictures are just simply too pretty not to share. 

Are we sure Rachel did not go with them?

Jessica looked like this when I was dating her Grandpa.

Where does time go? 
No parent or grandparent has ever been able to answer that question.


Ammy said...

I love her dress! So pretty....AND MODEST, it is the girls at church dont care to wear modest prom dresses. Then they wear their unmodest dresses to church! Now fun for her....i hope she had fun at first date was to a jo,exoming dance. A little intimidating, but i sirvived!

Karen Mortensen said...

Can't believe she is old enough to be doing this. She looks so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Stunning. And so sweet-looking. Hope they had a wonderful time.

grandmapeg said...

What excitement for Jessica! I absolutely love her prom dress!! Did Kris make it? That is the first time I've ever seen the dad pinning flowers on :-) Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica looks absolutely stunning!! I LOVE the her dress!! I love the color, style and how modest it is. Did Kris make it or did she buy it? I hope Jessica had a wonderful time :)

Grandma Honey said...

Den and I have been wondering the same thing...Did Kris make the dress or did they buy it? At first he said, "No way did she have time to make it." Then he corrected himself and said, "But I can see her doing that."
I love the color's very different than what you usually see. I think she looks like a Princess.

Sue said...

What fun! And her dress is stunning. Not easy to find a good one these days...

Cute date, too.