Monday, January 14, 2013

My ONE thing a month plan

I read a blog post earlier this month about a woman who chooses just one simple thing 
as her New Years Resolution each year. 
One year she chose not to drink any Mountain Dew for 365 days 
and she made it! 
Another year she decided to hang up her clothes every night before going to bed. 
She aced that one too, I think.

So I'm thinking, why wait a whole year to start a new goal? 
Instead I am deciding on one different goal each month. 

Just one minor little specific thing that I need to change. 
I'm not going to say what my January goal is because you will think, 
"Hasn't she got that one as a habit yet?" 
But so far I've made the goal everyday since beginning it on Jan. 7th. 
That's not quite a week, but I'm on my way.

The plan is to add something in February while still maintaining January's goal. 
So by the end of the year I will be doing 12 things perfectly. Or such is my plan.

I think the key is to make each monthly goal very simple and do-able.

Otherwise by about June, I may be too busy to do anything else.

Have you heard about The Happiness Project 21 Day relationship plan?
Begining today, Gretchen Rubin will give you something simple to work
on to make your relationships better.
Today is the beginning, and so check out your first assignment.


Sue said...

Sounds like a great plan. Maybe it's not too late for me to give it a try!


PS. As for the relationship thing, sounds interesting. I'll go check it out!

Grandma Honey said...

Sue, I didn't even start till Jan. 7th so you aren't too late at all. Go for it! I really think I can pull this monthly thing off.

Lisa said...

Got me laughing & thinking all at once! Reminds me of the Pursuit of Excellence & maybe on the first of every month you can post how you di the month before so you don't have to think about what you'll be saying on the first every month! Looking forward to seeing that link you provided! GOOD LUCK & THANKS for SHARING!

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds good. All the best. Can't wait to hear of your progress.

Mar~ said...

I agree with you that small, attainable goals are the way to go! I see the wisdom in that more and more as I age.
This is sort of how I worked toward my one word goal for the year. Little goals that pointed toward the characteristic (or one word) I wanted to develop, etc...if that makes any sense.
Good luck on your goals. I did read recently that it is believed it takes 6 weeks to change or develop a desired trait. I thought it was 21 days...
Anyway, if it looks like you are still working on consistency at the beginning of the month when you try to add the next goal, give yourself another couple of weeks maybe(?). I don't really know, I plan to test it out...
Just thought I would mention it. :)