Sunday, January 20, 2013


A kindergartner and her Mom made a little video for kids about Martin Luther King,
and I was quite impressed.
Go to their blog and check it out. 

I'm old enough to remember going to Woolworths in downtown Fresno 
and noticing all the black people sitting in their area, at their own counter. 
As a little girl I just thought that was how they wanted it. 
I had no idea they weren't allowed to sit elsewhere!

How will you be spending MLK day? 

Our entertainment for the next 3 days arrived tonight:  


grandmapeg said...

The grandkids are out of school today so I didn't have to drive them to school. I plan on a relaxing day. Looks like you'll be busy having fun with your twins!

Sue said...

Have fun with the kids!

As for us, we are just spending a quiet day together.


Karen Mortensen said...

Lucky you. Have fun with the twins.