Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've been waiting over 2 months to share this!

I've been waiting since November 17th to tell this story, and I finally got the green light.
(which I totally and completely understand why I needed to wait...I'm not complaining)

This was one of those moments in time I will never forget.

First before I tell you what happened....I want to back track about 2 years. It was Jan 16, 2011.
Tyler had just called to tell me they were expecting their first baby. And while I was talking to him,
I could see that McKay was also trying to call me...but I told Tyler, "Oh, that's McKay, I'll call him back."

But I forgot! The very next morning McKay called and said,
"Didn't you notice I tried to call you last night?"
and then he proceeded to tell me that he and McKenna were also expecting their first baby.
So they both tried to tell me at the exact same time!
Rich and Grant were due just 10 days apart.

Okay, so fast forward to last November 17th. It was a Saturday morning about 10am.
McKay called and asked if we could Skype. McKenna was at Target so it was just McKay and Grant.
First off I asked how McKenna was doing and McKay says, "Well, uh, she's pregnant!"
Took us totally by surprise. So excited for them and for us, that baby #2 is on it's way.

Then I excitedly asked:
So how far along is McKenna?  Just 4 weeks
When is she due? July
Oh, when did you find out? She took the pregnancy test last Thursday night
So do Karen and Tyler know? No, we want to wait a few weeks before we tell anyone.

About 3 hours later I told Den I needed to sleep some of this excitement off
so I was going to take a nap. Thirty minutes later Den walks in with the phone
in his hand and says, "Tyler wants to talk to you!"
Den does not usually wake me up unless there is an emergency
and he looked too happy for that. I immediately grabbed the phone from him and said Hello.
Tyler quickly says, "I just wanted to call and tell you we're pregnant."
Now instead of saying, "Oh that's wonderful" I was stunned and said loudly, "WHAT??!"

So really? Am I hearing Tyler right?
So I'm trying to breath and I ask, "Does McKay and McKenna know?"
"No," he said, "We don't want to tell anyone for a few weeks."

Then I asked,
Uh, how far along is she? About 4 weeks.

Okay, this is getting weird.

As I am talking Den is standing above me laughing...
every so often I look up at him with my mouth wide open and jaw dropped.
Sort of like a mute scream.

I try to act calm, and continue, "When is she due?" July
When I got to the question: When did she take the pregnancy test?
I almost said, "Was it last Thursday night?"
but he beat me to it and said, "Last Thursday night."

Okay, this is getting more weird.
All the questions had the same answers!
And the amazing thing is Tyler and McKay did not know the news of the other!

Okay, just had to get that out. Turns out the babies are due 5 days apart.
Summer of 2013, you are looking doubly exciting!

***This last little note may not mean anything to anyone but me, but I still feel compelled to add it.
Since I pride myself on trying to be as honest and accurate as I can, I want to add that either Tyler or McKay, 
when I asked what day they found out said, "It was either Wednesday or Thursday night." 
Since I can't remember which son said that, I am just going with Thursday night for both of them. But still....


Tyler Heasley said...

That is one of the best stories I ever accidentally contributed to.

Tamara Swerline said...

Blessings two-fold!

Connie said...

That is weird and amazing! I'm glad you shared this! Exciting times ahead for all of you!

Fisher Family Fun said...

Congrats!! Maybe it will baby girls this time!!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so exciting. I am so happy for both of them.

Nate and Julie said...

Wow! What a story! That is so exciting for everyone involved!

pebble said...

How exciting, my sister and I had boys 9 days apart, and nineteen years later they went into the MTC on the exact same day and time. The Lord is in charge, no doubt about it. :) How fun to look forward to this summer..

Grandma Honey said...

And they went into the MTC the same day Melinda?! What a treasured memory! I never thought about this before, but I can see that happening to Rich and Grant.

I sometimes wonder if the Lord lets things happen in almost a magical way so we will sit up and take notice more, and like you say, realize the Lord is indeed in charge.

grandmapeg said...

Congratulations again...two times!! It will be exciting to find out what they each are having. And, July is our lucky month this summer with another grandchild due!

Mar~ said...

That is the best story!
It makes it even better that Tyler and McKay, Karen and McKenna, are all so close (relationship wise).
I'm glad the news is now finally out and share-able. :)
When Karen gave us the GREAT news, I had to find out if McKenna and McKay were having another baby also...I just thought that might happen again!

lesa said...

That is a neat story!!

Tyler Heasley said...

We should probably add that McKenna and Karen are actually two days apart also. So there's that, there's our sons being one month apart, and there's our next kids being due the same week. As far as McKay and I go...I can't seem to find such a connection. But the rest of our families are right on schedule!

Grandma Honey said...

And you should add Tyler that Rich was 5 weeks early, making the boys a month a part....lest someone think I made that part up about them being due 10 days apart.

As far as the connection between you and McKay....you both have the same parents.

Scrapally said...

That is a great story! TWO much fun!! I bet it was hard not telling for so long! Congratulations to ALL!

nrozier said...

What a fun story! I can't believe you had to keep that secret for even a second. It is so sweet of your sons to tell you first thing.

As for me, I never let honesty and accuracy get in the way of a good story (much to my husband's chagrin).

the Rich girl said...

Hahaha! I love Natalie's comment.
I think I took the pregnancy test Thursday morning, actually. I remember that I was going to wait until after Tyler took the actuary exam, but I was stressing out so much about whether I might be pregnant. I couldn't handle waiting any longer. (Plus, I didn't want to add any pressure onto Tyler. You know, "Better pass that exam, Baby #2 is on its way.)

And I also like what you said, Jill. That sometimes things happen in a magical way so we sit up and take notice.

The best part is that none of this was planned. (Not the closeness of Grant and Rich, and not the closeness of these next two babies.)

Lisa said...

THe way you told that story...I thought it was happening to me! LOL!!! It's like Martha & Mary only they're brothers not sisters (Martha & Mary are sisters right in the scriptures?)...but WOW!!! SO. EXCITED for ya'll!!!! Now...if we can just get Tyler & Karen to move to Portland the visiting for you will be in sync!

Your little note was nice too. Love you! ...and THANKS for sharing that note today on "Bloom" made me want to get it. xxooxx

McKenna Heasley said...

I also took the test Thursday morning so you were right! :) and it is pretty wild! We are so excited but ours was not planned at all so we really didn't coordinate with Tyler and Karen. At the same time as soon as I got a positive test I told McKay I had a feeling Tyler and Karen had some news for us. And I agree with Lisa that we need to get those three (I guess 4 now) here to Portland pronto!

Grandma Honey said...

Aha! Then Thursday was correct for both pregnancy tests! :)

Richard said...

Congrats to all! Very happy story...!