Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skyping is a good thing, and a bad thing...

We get to see our family from out of state. 
(btw, Tyler was there too, just not in that shot)

The McKs played 4 board games together, just the 2 of them. 

We get to see our grandbabies walking....
We get to see them in their homes.

But it's hard when we say goodbye, 
With one flick of a switch...POOF, they are gone.
That's the part I don't like.

But we did get to spend in person time with some of our family...

We even got this picture sent to us of Den's Mom in southern Cal.
Modern technology is such a blessing. 
Besides, I mustn't forget, that's how I met Dennis.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And okay, so maybe the Romneys aren't family, but I love this picture taken of them yesterday.
It looks like they just rolled out of bed, like any other couple on Thanksgiving morning.  

PS  If I should be so lucky to get more family pictures of today, I will post them here.


Karen Mortensen said...

That is all so wonderful. It makes them seem like they aren't so far away.

Tyler Heasley said...

I think the best part of this post is that we can see you taking pictures in the bottom of the screen.

Grandma Honey said...

I was hoping no one would notice that, Tyler.

grandmapeg said...

For a minute I thought you had the Romneys over at your house :-) Skyping is nice when you can't have family there. Hope your day was nice.

Ammy said...

We would love to skype with Johns family...especially his parents. I guess the interest really isnt there.

Grandma Honey said...

Ammy....It took us awhile before we wanted to do Skype....I just didn't get it, or understand how fun it would be until we actually tried it one day. So maybe that is the same with your inlaws. I thought it would be just some blurry little frustrating picture. But's sort of like being right there with them in their home. But I do feel let down when we have to turn off the screen.

Mar~ said...

Skype is awesome!!
The kids like to "hang out" together via skype. Megan and Emily will even craft together via skype, it's funny.