Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's just the way they are

Logan and Amy had plans for a little week getaway to go see his Grandma 650 miles away in Arizona.

The older 5 kids had school, so they just packed up the twins and they were on their way. 
Only one slight change in plans. 
Logan's friend Bryce, and his girlfriend needed help with their little girl, Natalie. 

So Amy and Logan offered to take little Natalie with them for the week.
Knowing my son and his wife as I do, they probably didn't think twice about it.
Must be like triplets. Jonas and Téa did start out as three, 
so maybe this is giving them an idea of what might have been?

I wonder what little Natalie thinks of all this.
Amy trying to comfort 2 crying little girls at the same time.

Logan and Bryce along with his other 4 friends 
have been close for the past 20 years.
But I never thought they would grow up and be helping with their kids. 
I guess I just couldn't see them as Dads back then.
Bryce, Ryan, Brad, Logan, Robby, Travis
And they are all Dads now, except for Brad, but he just got married last month.

Speaking of Brad getting married last month....


Karen Mortensen said...

That was so sweet of them to take that little girl. I hope she had a good time. Grandma is looking really good.

Anonymous said...

Aww... they're the greatest!

the Rich girl said...

I am sure Niada loved having all of them there.

And man! Jonas and Tea are looking more and more grown up all the time! (I love Tea's cheesy grin in the first pic.)

Kris said...

That is awesome! You're right... That's just the way they are. I just love those guys.

Fisher Family Fun said...

Oh my Goodness! How funny it is to see pictures of our Bishop as a teenager!
You raised great kids, so of course they would help a friend no matter what! Good job!!

Sue said...

My son has a cadre of church friends from his youth, too. They have remained close. I love that they took that little girl with them!


Lisa said...

Priceless are GOOD FRIENDS & FOREVER FRIENDS even more so! Love the pictures! Amy is SO BEAUTIFUL! Grandma looks AWESOME too! I've learned not to tell the guys they look like hunks because it goes straight to their heads! LOL! : ) GREAT POST!