Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hang on Honey, it's almost over.

However this election turns out, it will be good to see it come to an end
so Dennis can start sleeping again. I've never seen him like this.
Yesterday morning at 7am I found him dozing off in his office chair.
He said he had been up since 3am.
When I asked him what was wrong he said, "What do you think? The election!"

We talked to his daughter Kris over the weekend and she sounded as passionate as her Dad.
When we hung up, Den said, "Wow, Kris is really worked up about this!"
I just turned to him speechless for a moment and then said, "Honey, she's your daughter."
Does he not see it in himself?

Normally our TVs stay off for days at a time. Sometimes weeks at a time.
But no, lately he has his office TV on, plus his computer turned to the news....
2 stations going into his ears at the same time, all the while trying to do his paper work.

Even during our MAC class 2 weeks ago during one of the debates
he was waiting for texts from his daughter, Kim
and my brother Richard, over how it was going.
It nearly did him in not being able to see the debate live that evening....

We have lived through lots of elections but none quite like this one. 
But there is something neither of us understands about it. 
Where are all the bumper stickers and lawn signs?
Normally an election brings them out in masses and we see them everywhere. 
I have only seen ONE lawn sign and not a single bumper sticker. 
What is that all about? Very different from elections past.


Karen Mortensen said...

Dennis sounds like Tom. I know what you mean about bumper stickers and signs. I haven't seen much either.

grandmapeg said...

I am thankful for the right to vote and I hope things turn out the way I want, but as in every election year, I will be glad when it's over so the phone calls and advertisements on the radio and television can STOP!

Ashley said...

I ordered bumper stickers and it took over a month to get them. I was just hoping that meant they filled all of the swing state orders first.

Grandma Honey said...

A month Ashley? That's crazy. Must be they didn't want to bother much with California since it's already in the bag. But not our bag.

Richard said...

So, let me guess...Dennis is for Obama?

Susan Rozier said...

According to Brother Stoker, Romney chose not to spend money in California since it is a given Democratic stronghold. Hence, no lawn signs or bumper stickers.

Sue said...

I think there is so much divisiveness that people don't feel comfortable making their preference known. It's kinda sad!

(chuckling at Richard's comment, by the way)


Anonymous said...

The swing states theory is correct: Northwest Ohio had plenty of signs and a few in SE Michigan but I did not see any bumper stickers either area. The Detroit auto workers is a huge force who dominates Michigan voting to Democrats. Our tri-county area is still, thankfully, Republican. If all the Amish in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan had (be allowed) voted, things might be different!!! It is quite interesting talking to them (Amish) about our political tendencies.

pjc from MI

Kris said...

What an election. Disappointed with the outcome, but loved sharing this whole process with dad!