Friday, July 6, 2012

The party that didn't want to end.

Keep in mind this was at the very end of our ten hour 4th of July party.
Brock and Erin had just left to put their girls to bed, and we cranked up the music for one last dance.
It was about 11 pm, and we were all rather loopy.

Here they last night taking the northern route so they could take the kids through San Francisco!

Before they left our home yesterday morning they were trying to decide whether or not to go to SF. 
One Mom leaned towards a YES and one Mom leaned towards just wanting to go straight home. 
So Dennis reminded them they have 2 cars and they didn't have to make a joint decision. 
Then Ryan said, "No we don't separate. We are one big family." 
That pretty much sums it up!


Dad and Susan said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

Kylie Paige Ball said...

I miss them soooo much!!! Can't wait to see them all in August:)

Karen Mortensen said...

You guys sure know how to party. Love the picture at the bridge.

Eileen said...

This was great! It looks and sounds like you all had such fun! And I love "No we don't separate. We are one big family." That's wonderful!

So sad about the accident on your last post. And we say a prayer too. I remember driving in the car with my parents, and when we heard a siren or came upon an accident my Mom would say, "Quick everybody! Say a prayer!" And it's stuck with me.

And I'm sorry I haven't been here, I meant to come and answer your questions:
That nice back yard in one of my posts belongs to my sister-in-law Susie and her husband Doug. Isn't it beautiful? I call it 'Susie's Paradise"!
And the kiddie fence Ray found online, and we actually needed two sets (eight pieces come in each set, and each set has one gate piece). And it's really pretty sturdy, it just snaps together so I wasn't sure how it would be, but Eóghan leans up against it and pushes on it, and it's been fine.

Thanks for visiting!
And it's always a pleasure to visit here with you and yours!
Love and Prayers,

grandmapeg said...

It looks like you all had a great time. You have had one week long party, I can tell. It's so much fun making memories :-)

Anonymous said...

So good to have family around! Today's our day for that.

Sue said...

What fun! And I liked that first song, too.


Rebecca said...

I think it is so fun how everyone seems to enjoy each other's company! That picture of San Francisco....oh it makes me homesick. I can just feel the damp fog around them in this picture. I love that they didn't want to split up!

Darlene said...

It looks like everyone was having a great time. The dancing was fun too. I especially loved the gals on the love seat, they really were with the music!!

I think there is nothing better than families getting together and having a wonderful time. I'm jealous of your group. We only have that happening once a year the last of May when Sue's whole family comes to our house. It is so much fun as there is everybody having a good time and they are all different ages.........I wish it could happen more often.

I loved the picture of everyone. It looks like they all went to San Francisco. Crazy!!

Lisa said...

Now THAT LOOKED FUN!!! Love the TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT philosophy! They really do look like Osmonds. : )