Thursday, July 5, 2012

One just never knows what a day will bring

We said our goodbyes to Den's "little girls", Kim and Kris, and their families....

Then we came into the house with our teary eyes, and cleaned...
(which is a tradition after our kids leave)

About 2 hours after both families left here to head home, 
we got a call. 
They witnessed a horrible crash right in front of them. 
Ryan and Mike were the first on the scene as you can see:

Mike giving the report to the highway patrol.

Whenever we travel and I see an accident, it is humbling to think whoever was in that car, 
was just like us a few moments ago. 
Then in an instant they are hurting, or headed for surgery, or dead.

All we can do now is pray for these unknown people. And feel so grateful our family was spared.


the Rich girl said...

Oh how sad and how scary.

Tyler has been teaching Rich that every time we hear sirens we should say a prayer for the people those sirens are meant for. I think he said that that is what you used to tell him.

Grandma Honey said...

Karen you just made my day. Decades ago I read in a magazine about a woman who always prayed when she heard an ambulance. So a day or so later, I heard a close by sounding ambulance, so we stopped eating our breakfast at the time, and prayed for this unknown person. Turns out later I found out that person was my friend Bev who lived less than a mile away. She had tripped and fell in her yard and broke the main bone in her arm. A neighbor heard her pleading for help and called 911. This of course immediately personalized praying for "strangers." So I have felt compelled to do this ever since. I usually just say a silent prayer in my heart (as I'm usually driving when I hear the sirens)so I didn't realize any of my sons picked up on this.

Dad and Susan said...

How awful. Very frightening for the kids too. Like your prayers for those involved. Good example for the kids to see their father and uncle giving aid. You're right. One never knows what a day will bring. Dad and Susan

Sue said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm going to adopt it.


PS. So glad your family is safe.

Anonymous said...

You're such a good mama, Jill. Thanks for the reminder.

Mar~ said...

What a scary thing to witness, so thankful your family remained safe and they were there to help.
I loved the comments by you and Karen, Jill. You are such a thoughtful person. It occurred to me to say a silent prayer when I heard sirens after my first child began to drive. Wish I would have thought of that earlier in life. To think of how empathetic and caring little Rich will be one day - really neat!

Karen Mortensen said...

Hope those people are okay. What a sad thing to see. Thanks for that idea about saying a prayer when you hear a siren.

grandmapeg said...

That is such an awful scene for anyone to witness, especially children. Last year in California we came by a motorcyclist who had just been killed in an accident. Luckily our little ones were asleep in the car. And the year before that, Craig and I came by a construction worker in Montana who had just been killed. Those accident scenes stayed in my mind for a long time. I like the idea of saying a prayer when you hear the sirens.

Darlene said...

What a terrible experience to see something like that happening. Honestly, I just can't imagine how that would feel. I have never seen an accident happening, but have come upon many and I think I will also adopt the saying of a prayer for all the people involved. What a nice idea.

I can just imagine how happy you were that your family wasn't involved.