Saturday, June 9, 2012

Visiting Teaching Clovis style

I love this short video so much 
that I asked if I could put it on my blog
and share it with you. It was made for our ward
and shown at our annual Visiting Teaching conference last month.

Visiting Teaching has been a very undeniable and continual blessing in my life for 38 years.
Probably long before that too since I'm sure I benefited in many ways 
from my Mom's visiting teachers,
and from her service to others. 

Update:  My friend Natalie Moline Jenne just posted this video on Facebook 
along with this explanation:

My girly friends...we have this program in our church called Visiting Teaching. We are given the names of several women in the ward and asked to check on them and make sure all of their needs are met each month-physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are given another woman in our neighborhood to go a companion. It is an amazing program. After watching this little clip...I'm committed to being a better Visiting's such a beautiful program and helps strengthen our neighborhood and ward! This is from my home ward of Clovis, California! :)


Karen Mortensen said...

That was a really nice video. Good message.
I guess I have been away from Clovis too long. I didn't recognize anybody.

grandmapeg said...

This was so beautifully done!!! And the message is wonderful. I am going to suggest to my counselors that we do something like this. Thank you so much for sharing this Jill.

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

This video made me miss the ward so much!!

Scrapally said...

Nicley done. Beautiful message. I LOVE VT. I have made the sweetest friends because I was assigned to "look after" them. Thank you for sharing! I'm not in the RS presidency anymore or I would for sure do something like this for the next conference.

Robin said...

I loved this video too!! thanks for sharing. My life has been the most richly blessed when I did my VT'ing. Because tho I might have been the one assigned to visit a sister, she always gave me way more than I gave!! I just love how the Lord knows just who we need and when!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing since I missed this. What's the name of the song so I can read the lyrics? I couldn't read the writing on the video. thanks.

Eileen said...

Jill, this was so beautiful. And I am always in awe of the peace, fellowship, and sisterhood of your Faith. I love how everyone really looks out for each other, and encourage each other.

And this is a wonderful reminder to everyone.

I loved especially reading that our hands are His Hands. I forget that so often.

And that is a message I want to impress upon Jayden too.

Thanks so much for posting this.
Love and Prayers,
Eileen said...

I LOVED this...I loved seeing a few people I recognized and I loved the music they put to it...any idea what cd or music that was? Loved it...I hope it's ok that I pass this along, this is too sweet and touching not to share! :)

Grandma Honey said...

That is just how I felt Natalie...too good not to share. I'm going to see if I can put your explanation of it from facebook on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jill. It's a good example to all of us.

Sue said...

Wonderful! And what a good idea to make a video with the sisters in it.


Ammy said...

Made me home sick for all those good people in that ward...I miss them...Tracy Walker, Claudia, Sheila....

Eileen said...

'Just stopping by to thank Dennis for his comments on my post about fighting City Hall, and Ray and I both agree with Dennis that this Sanitation Inspector was just doing his/her job.

If the law is that you can't put your trash out before 4:00 PM we were obviously in the wrong, but in the past neighbors were given warnings for things such as putting glass jars in the wrong receptacles, or putting their recycle trash out on the wrong pick-up day, etc. A warning would have been nice, or at least a smaller fine for a 'first time offense' (although, in reality it wasn't a first time offense because we weren't aware of this law, so we often would put our trash out before 4:00 PM, and I told Ray that I know "ignorance of the law is no excuse").

Ray did try to fight it, but the judge ruled that the concrete pad (that we paid someone to put there for our garbage cans to be placed at on trash pick-up day) was considered the sidewalk in the city of New York. What can you do?
The good news is that Senator Avella is looking into the whole matter as he has had a number of complaints.

Thanks again for your encouragement and advice.
All the best,
Eileen & Ray