Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunday in Portland

I may be going a bit overboard about our Oregon trip...
But I only get to see them twice a year 
so I have just a few things left to say about it.

We delayed our trip a week when we heard McKay and McKenna
were going to speak in Sacrament meeting this past weekend.

Their building seemed to be the exact floor plan of the building across from Buchanan, here in Clovis.
Not sure if the outside is the same, but the inside sure was. 
We actually saw several of our church buildings in Oregon. 
And I always got the same comfy, sweet feeling as we did.

So with Grant sleeping next to us...
Don't worry, this is the only picture I took in the chapel.
and it was before the service

We opened up our program to see this:

Love seeing their names written together like that.

Okay, I just have to say again here what a privilege 
it was to be there in that building watching them speak.
I've missed so much while they lived in Utah, but I didn't miss this.
I was there. Taking it all in and counting my blessings.

Here's a recap of their talks....I wish you could have heard them too.

She talked about how she worries about Grant growing up in a world
with so many trials and harsh realities.
Then one Sunday at church, she was watching a family
sitting in front of them struggling with a toddler.
The oldest son had just given a talk and went back to sit with his family.
As soon as he joined the family his Mom handed him his little brother.
He patted him and was so sweet to him.
It was at that moment that McKenna realized that Grant would be okay
because there is still so much good in this world,
and we have such amazing youth.
Even though that big brother faces the hard world everyday at school,
his little brother just curled up against him and was so peaceful and comforted.

She also quoted from one of her BYU professors who said something like:
"In life we spend too much time pulling weeds instead of planting flowers.
If we plant enough flowers they will drown out the weeds." 
McKenna talked about trying to be more positive each day.
Instead of focusing on mistakes, she tries to focus on just being a little better each day.

 He talked about how we can become distracted 
and forget the "little" things like prayer and scripture study. 
How sometimes it may seem like something is not important if it is small and simple. 
He reminded us how the Lord is always there for us, beckoning us to come to Him.
The Lord will always, has always, and is always there for us. He does not forsake us.

They both focused their talks on this scripture:
"Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them:
for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee;
he will not fail thee;
nor forsake thee."
Deuteronomy 31:6

And the next night, even though it was their 2nd wedding anniversary,
they invited us to their Family Home Evening. 
Actually, no, they didn't invite us. 
We were already there and then suddenly they brought out the manual and began. 
That's how natural of an occurrence it is in their home.

So while McKenna fed Grant, she taught us about being a Child of God.

Then after the lesson and prayer, McKenna recorded the FHE in her journal.
She said something like, "If I don't write it down now, it won't get done."
What a sweetheart.

Once Grant's tummy was full, he joined us too for our lesson.
I've now had FHE with all 4 of my adult sons and their families.
It's heaven on earth.


Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet post. That is a good idea about recording what you did for FHE.

Eileen said...

Such a beautiful post, Jill. And something that I needed right now.
I've been having such a hopeless feeling lately, about the future, about my children and grandchildren, and about our country in general.

It feels so good to be reminded that God Is In Control, and really does give me hope for the future of my family, and our country.

You have a beautiful family, Jill, and I'm glad you were able to spend this time with McKay, McKenna, and Grant. And I loved his adorable little fact peeking at the camera in the last photo!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

It must feel fantastic to see your adult sons (and their wives) practising the religion you brought them up in so sincerely and earnestly.

Scrapally said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Thank you for sharing i with us all. so happy that you got bo be in "heaven" for awhile!

Richard said...

I'll bet that Ward in Tigard could make room for some seasonal seniors...

grandmapeg said...

I'm so happy that you got to go hear them speak in church. It is always such a good feeling to see our children following the same path that they were taught growing up.

Sue said...

Made me cry.