Friday, July 8, 2011

21 years of memories came off our roof!

For all of you who have visited us recently and wondered why you felt like you were in a sauna...well...our a/c had seen its better days.
We finally decided to replace it.
Especially looking back to last summer when our August gas/electric bill was $907.86!

All good things must come to an end.

Off with the old.....

It was an odd feeling coming face to face with this piece of machinery that has served our family for over 21 years. And not a pretty face it was. I thought back to when we moved into this house and my sons were ages 4, 6, 11, and 13. How this unit has kept them cool or warm...whichever they needed, all those years. I began to tear up and then I said to myself, "Grandma Honey, don't cry over an air conditioner."
Only another mother would understand. Or maybe not.

Then on with the new....

Crank that baby up!

Sail it up and away!

When my boys were small I would have woken them up to see adventures like this.

I turned around and saw that we did have an audience of little people.

Side note: Whenever we have a service man here, Dennis will watch them closely. Good thing he did this time! As he was snooping around the worker's truck he noticed the a/c was smaller and not as efficient as the one we had ordered and paid for. He asked the man about it and turns out Dennis was right. They were going to put the wrong unit on our roof and we would have never known!

It's not like we had plans to go up there and check it out ourselves.
Especially since this son (Logan) is no living with us to help us out with that...
Brock filmed this 20 years ago!

Just so you'll know...I was innocently making dinner the afternoon Logan did this.
I had no idea til he showed me the video later.

Boys are just different to raise!


Connie said...

Watching that video makes me laugh! My 2 youngest sons have made many videos over the years. One was discovered just last week where they were talk show hosts dressed as women and now it's on You tube. They have no shame!

Your last year's bill was a mighty hefty one. I hope this new unit helps with the bill and with being cool.

Good thing your husband checked out the goods before they put it on your roof!

cristie said...

after 23 years we replaced our unit last month...crane and all. unfortunately sweetie did not check to see if we were getting what we paid for. xox

congrats...but, can you believe how expensive they are?

Ronnell said...

That's cool that units are mounted on roofs out there. They're put into our yards here, either the side or backyard. Ours is right outside our master bedroom and the air handler is located in the attic. I don't think I've ever seen one on a roof here. Must have something to do with our humidity. We have tons of that. :-)

Grandma Honey said...

Ronnell~ I thought all a/c's were mounted on roofs. Interesting how they do things in the South :)

I hope McKay sees your comment!

Donna said...

I am amazed that someone caught that mistake....probably more of a blessing than you know.
I would love to know how much of a savings the new machine gives you. I hope it is a ton.

Richard said...

A/C units since 1990 or so, are now predominantly not mounted on the roof in Calif....also, your bill seems unusually high even for Aug. in Fresno. Have you checked your attic insulation?

Sue said...

So glad Dennis had his eagle eye out and caught the almost-mistake.

That would have been the pits!


Dad and Susan said...

It's so interesting to see how creatively you can make a mundane thing seem part of your family. We love it! Kudos to Dennis for checking up on the merchandise. We were so impressed with his vigilance. Loved the video of Logan being mighty man. Even more impressed that you were able to put your hands on it to add to this blog! We've had our entertainment for the day. Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

Well...if you knew @ Logan there would be no video & everyone knows it! : )

It must be the season for replacement. Sr. Ryan told me last weekend he changed his old thing out too & so happy 'cuase it's more energy efficient & all. GREAT PICS! Dennis is definately a DETECTIVE kind of guy! Opened my eyes real good!

Grandma Honey said...

Richard.... Our attic insulation is great. Our a/c was just worn out. You need to come back and visit, but bring a sweater. It's cold in here.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I would have cried much when I got that $900 electric bill!

grandmapeg said...

That was good that Dennis caught the mistake. Over the years I have come to the point that I always watch deliveries or installations to make sure they have the right items and that there aren't any dents or damages already there. I love the video of Logan!

Ry said...

I like Logan's Rocky impression! "feeling strong now"

Karen Mortensen said...

Yea for the AC. You really need that there.
I think that is good that you didn't know Logan went up on the roof. That would have scared me.

Mar~ said...

The video is a crack up. I loved it; a total throw back to Rocky!

I would climb onto our roof too but it was to jump off of it, usually while doing a flip of some sort. I was a bit of a crazy girl.