Thursday, July 28, 2011

He went up there with my camera.

Sorry, this is Family Camp week and all of us Roziers are there, even if we aren't actually there.
Dennis drove up the 75 minutes last night and took a few shots.

 Dennis says to me the very same thing every year, "I know your family loves it up there but I really don't see why. 
Everyone is SO DIRTY. 
There is dirt EVERYWHERE."

And look who showed up Jake and Katie from Utah...and that's Carly on the end. Didn't she just give birth 2 weeks ago? 
And Dennis continues, "And the living quarters are like being in the slums."

Jonas would not make eye contact with Grandpa. He totally ignored him which is unusual. I think he was afraid Grandpa might take him away from dirt Paradise.

And Dennis says, "The kids are all FILTHY."

But he also says, "The parents say the kids look forward to Family Camp more than Christmas!"

I think that sign has been there since I was a kid.

Téa went up for a 2 day visit but she's back with us now. 
Eating her first corn on the cob. 
After putting her to bed tonight I realized I had forgotten something in her room. 
So about 20 minutes later I went into the dark with my little flashlight, trying to be so careful not to wake her up.
As I am pointing the flashlight around the room suddenly I hear her little whisper, "Honey? Honey?"
(That's her version of 'Grandma Honey, is that you?')
She knows just how to melt my heart. 

17 comments: said...

Jill...I just love your blog...the pictures and the commentary make me smile! :p

nrozier said...

You are killing me! I am dying to jump in my car and head to dinky creek so I don't miss out on the dirt party. Please make sure to post more pictures!

grandmapeg said...

Hey, those rooms are so much better than tents at our girl's rough camp!! What a sweetheart Dennis is for going up to family camp just to take pictures!

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for the pictures of family camp. Makes me wish I was there.
That was so sweet what Tea said. She is so cute.
McKenzie loves family camp. She said that is one of her favorite places to go.

Richard said...

Seeing those pictures is almost as good as being there. Happy to see the little dictator, Tea, was able to make an appearance.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I have fond memories of going to family camp with you all when I was a kid. I love seeing the photos. You are so blessed to have such a big extended family!

Sue said...

She is so darling. And I love that she was asking, "Honey? Honey?"


Richard said...

You writing about Family Camp with such authority is like Chickee talking about picking grapes at the welfare ranch in may have been a few years (40?)since either of you actually experienced it, but you can each still describe it in exquisite detail.

the Rich girl said...

One day, we will go to family camp. Tyler talks about it all the time. He really made some good memories there. (I can't believe your family has been doing this for 50 years! That is so cool!)

And boy do I miss Jake and Katie! I'm glad they were able to make it to family camp--they'd been planning to go for a while, I think.

Connie said...

There's something about dirt and rocks and water that draws kids! They love it!
Looks like fun, even if it does look like the slums! :)

Jake Reschke said...
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Grandma Honey said...

I have no idea what is in that box. Good question. Hope someone answers it.

And I do get it about dirt and kids, but Dennis doesn't...I think he forgets what is was like to be a kid.

Carly said...

We came up to visit for the day and brought our giant tomato-worm (caterpillar) with us... it seemed more fun than just killing him. Then Hailey found a small furry caterpillar to be his friend. Thats what was in the box.

And this is camping!! It may seem dirty and cramped compared to home, but when you compare it to a tent its quite luxerious.

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like FUN to me! Isn't Dinkey Creek up in the Sierra's? I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo. We moved to Utah when my husband retired from PG&E in 2002. We must be about the same age. I was 12 in 1964. OK I'm older. Your grandkids are almost as cute as mine. Mimi

Nate and Julie said...

Oh, how I miss camp. Thanks for the pictures. Maybe we'll get to go next year...

Mary said...

I never went to Family Camp, but I remember that sign from our family campouts at Dinky Creek! It brought back lots of fun memories (like being attacked by bees at the water pipe and my brother LeRoy setting himself on fire with a flaming marshmallow...ahhh, the good times!). As I recall, the dirt was all a part of the charm.

Kris said...

Oh dad, you sound like such a bah humbug!!!! ;) You loved camping when we were young!! :) (just have to give you a bad time!) Looks like so much fun... Would have loved to have been there!