Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hailey remembering her mother

Having my niece's daughter, Hailey, with us last week made me very reflective, again, about her mother. At times I could feel Robin with us. I could sense her great love for her daughter. Of course she loved her, we all knew that, but I could actually feel her love around her daughter.

I found this entry that Robin wrote on her blog after finding out her transplant didn't work. I had it pasted in my journal and I've copied it below. I was impressed how much she was asking us all to help keep her memory alive in her daughter. 

Check out this interview Elora did with Hailey last week.
I was surprised Hailey had anything to say about dating...she's only 7! 
Also I found it interesting to learn why both Hailey and Elora don't like math.


Sue said...

That was so darling. I wish her mom were still around, but I'm glad that all of you are helping to keep her memories alive.

Her mom's journal entry was sad and yet so lovely to read. Thanks for sharing it.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was so sweet. I love that girl.

Dad and Susan said...

We think the next Oprah is in the making with Elora and her insightful interviewing. Love how mature both the girls are. Tearfulness abounded in our viewing of this tender post. Love, Dad and Susan

Richard said...

Thank you! That video will be a wonderful keepsake. Elora has a future as a journalist. I can't imagine Diane Sawyer doing any better!
Seems it's about time to introduce the no-dating-before-age-16 idea:) Which of you would like that assignment? Surprised to hear she doesn't like math time in school because she's definitely related to McKay and Carly...she recently got off the plane after a visit with Auntie Robin and asked me to give her a number of inches less than a 100 and she would convert it to feet and inches in her head. Chickee was amazed she came up with answers at all without regard to correctness (they were all right!) We're so grateful for the constant influence of the Shelley, Shepard, Kennington, Rozier families in her alternate life in Clovis!

Grandma Honey said...

But the reason they don't like math is because their classes are both too slow for them. :)

Anonymous said...

-mckenzie and kaidy