These boots are made for walkin

 It's tough being 2. 
Trying to make sense of the world, and trying to get her boots on.
Good thing Téa has spunkiness...she will need it later on in this crazy world.

UPdate: This was filmed several weeks ago. Téa can now put both her shoes and socks on all by herself.


Kris said…
Oh my goodness Jill! Where do I even begin? That us the CUTEST video ever! First off, the background music? Classic. Made me smile from ear to ear. And that little Tea..... Oh I love that little girlie! So fun to watch the progress of her determination. This video is a real keeper and I'm sure Amy and Logan will be so happy that you caught this "everyday-moment" on tape. Those ones are the best. And then little Jonas.... Oh my. So into that book and then Tea ends up carrying it off with Jonas tagging behind. What a great way to begin my day with a good chuckle! Oh and finally, I LOVED seeing dad in that video. Dad, you look so good! I love you!
Karen Mortensen said…
That was just too funny. I loved how she took her foot to the shoe instead of taking the shoe to the foot. It was funny how Jonas was just sitting there reading.
Scrapally said…
That was very cute! How fun that you get to spend time with them...and that they like books!
grandmapeg said…
That was so cute to see how Téa was trying to bring her foot to the sock and boot rather than how most people bring the sock and shoe to the foot :-) I love the songs that you add to the video clips!! It's hard to believe the twins are already two years old!
Dad and Susan said…
So cute how Tea picks up her foot and guides it into the boot or into the sock! Darling. Thank goodness for Grandpas. Jonas seems pretty laid back. That will probably serve him well later on. Love, Dad and Susan
Susan Anderson said…
Cutest and funniest kid vid ever! I love how she finally relents and lets grandpa help. And then, how she "walks all over" her brother by taking not only HIS book, but both books!


Ammy said…
Jill!! I ditto everything that Kris made me laugh when she gathered everything up to take to Grandpa. Oh my goodness! That is so CUTE!
Dennis said…
I think the funniest part is when she forcefully takes the book from her brother and then picks up the second book "Born to be Good." And then walks away with him following after her. She knows who is in charge.

Darlene said…
Both of those kids look like they have a lot of patience. That will serve them well as they get older. I'm impressed with Jonas. He didn't cry or get upset when Tea took the book away from him. I just loved the way that Tea kept trying to get those socks and boots on and then finally, to have to go to Grandpa for help. Such a cute video. I hope you are taking lots of them. They will be so neat for them to see when they are all grown up.
Anonymous said…
I love these two... I feel like I know them from watching them through this blog.. tea cracks me up. I love their lil spirits.. Keep em coming Granma Honey.. You rock so does Granpa Dennis

Thank you for the smile this morning...they are so cute and growing up so quickly!!
Eileen said…
I love how Tea had such resolve! And also the good sense to know when to look for help!
And I got a kick out of Jonas, he at first seemed to balk at Tea taking the book, but then just gave in to her.
Sweet, sweet babies!
I loved this post!
Love and Prayers,
Eileen said…
Also, Jill, I enjoyed your post about food storage and this is something I've been thinking about for awhile. Thanks for the reminder and the 'call to action'!
And, WOW! The Women's Conference was a full house! That's so nice, and I enjoyed all you shared here, and I read those quotes often.
I also went to the blog link and I think those were wonderful tips on raising children!
I had commented on your hospital post but I guess it didn't take. I enjoyed that post a lot (I've had some eerie things happen to me, so I'm not sure where I stand on the whole 'ghost' issue, but that's not why I enjoyed that post, I just liked seeing where your son was born, and I enjoyed the story and the photo)!
Love and Prayers,
kelly said…
That little girl is so cute, she reminds me so much of my Peyton, so much like her! I love how she was holding her foot like it was an object apart from her body that she could just put into the boot.