My sister Robin came by today to go over plans for my brother Chris' grave marker. She asked me if our Dad had sent me the really good video he had sent her. No he hadn't. So I emailed him.

Now I know what Robin was talking about.

This video is so sweet. So meaningful.

It reminds me of the time...I think I was about 7, and I had to miss the Fresno Fair. We looked forward to this event like we looked forward to Christmas or Family Camp, and we always went as a family. I had stomach flu that day so I stayed home with my grandmother. I still remember feeling so crushed that I was missing out. I probably cried.

My brother John, who was only 5, won a large bottle of cologne for me. (remember, when you're 5, bigger is better) He could have chosen another prize for himself but he was obviously feeling badly for me being left behind that night. I never saw that cologne because he fell while getting out of the car and it shattered all over the concrete. I could hear him crying from inside the house. I still remember his thoughtfulness. That broken bottle of cologne has meant a lot to me all these years.

Thanks Dad for sending me this video!


Karen Mortensen said…
That was really nice. Thanks Jill.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet memory of John's thoughtfulness! Love, Dad and Susan
grandmapeg said…
I remember you telling me this story about you being sick and how sweet I thought it was. What an absolute beautiful song and video this is with such a meaningful message. It sure gives me a new view on broken things. Thanks for sharing this video.
Dennis said…
That is very wonderful. I'm sure we can all think of things broken that turned out to be blessings in our life.

Dear Jill, we are on the same page today. What a wonderful video. If you read my latest post you will understand what I mean by being on the same page.
Lisa said…
I was thinking how profound the video was and how I loved the absolute quiet while I read. However, I noted at the end there was music, but I didn't hear anything. Broken ears.

I LOVED your Fair story about your brother. Any brother who would be so kind is what makes being family so AWESOME, don't you think? Thanks for sharing! Nice way for me to end my night!
Mary said…
Beautiful. As one who feels very broken and damaged, that's a great message. I also know which friends I'll be sending it on to!
Anonymous said…
Thanks, that was so moving with the pictures to the music.