Tyler and Karen and the fire at Mrs. Smith's house

Den and I were standing front and center at the airport...waiting, waiting....watching the family reunions all around us. No sign of Tyler and Karen. So I turned to Den and said, "They've run out of people. There are none left." The long isle in front of us was totally vacant.

I was beginning to wonder if this was just too much for Karen, meeting us.

Then we saw them...slowly walking towards us. I was immediately struck by how cute they were together, how happy.

About an hour after we arrived home Brock and Erin and the girls arrived.
Elora was shy for about the first 15 minutes and went into hiding.
See her there under the table?
It's almost freaky.
She soon snapped out of it and joined us.
Then I had what I thought was a great idea. Let's play Life Stories.
This picture makes it look like they were not too thrilled...

But then the game really took off. I love this game.
We just all took turns going around the board answering questions about our childhood, etc.
The box said ages 6-106 so Elora got to play with us! She fit right in and did really well.
Even had some bonding brother time. Tyler and Brock

Elora kept calling us in for a "fake food dinner".
Then suddenly Elora got a call.
Mrs. Smith's house was on fire.
I thought Tyler handled this very well.


Jill, thank you for the comments on my blog...I appreciated the entry you mentioned...I can't believe it has been 12 years. Thank you for your example and for sharing Amy and Logan with us in Clovis 2.

susan tanner
Anonymous said…
This family is a sham! Everyone is having a great time but where is Logan? Without Logan you guys would be nothing! Why would anyone ever have a family get together without the most important member of the family........Logan!
grandmapeg said…
Oh wow! This is cute, funny, and charming! I love all of the pictures and I love Elora and Cami's hairdos! They are cute!! Tyler and Karen do look happy and of course they have to be the last ones off of the plane...to keep up the suspense. I'm going to have to look for that game you played. That sounds fun. Thanks for sharing!
Lisa said…
How happy & joyous everyone looks! I'm so thrilled to see the gathering of your family & must say....Tyler & Karen are a most handsome & attractive couple! They "glow" if you know what I mean! Happy Thanksgiving to Ya'll! I didn't get to watch the video Ger is hounding me to go! I love you & Have a WONDEFUL time this weekend!
Grandma Honey said…
Thank you for all the comments and I hope everyone has a most wonderful Thanksgiving today.
LOGAN...never fear, we will be with you today. :)We can't wait!!
Anonymous said…
I love the video of Mrs. Smith. That was so cute. Looks like you guys had fun.
Grandma Honey said…
Thank you Karen. I've missed you and your comments while you have been gone. Welcome home!!
Anonymous said…
Tyler is awesome to have saved the day the way he did. Keeping the straight face impressed us to the hilt! We also love Elora's cute hairdo. So nice to be back for our daily dose of The Adventures of Grandma Honey. Love, Dad and Susan
Ronnell said…
That video is precious. Tyler is going to make a great Dad one day.
kelly said…
Ha! I don't know if you will get this comment or not since this is such an old post, but that was so cute! I don't know Tyler at all but I feel like I do through your blog. He will make such a great father. I love how he played along with her. That is precious.
Grandma Honey said…
Thank you Kelly. I thought it was cute too. Tyler loves Elora. When he left on his mission, Elora was 2, and I think he missed her more than anyone else.