Saturday, August 19, 2017

We put them to work

A friend of mine told me something years ago 
that helped me this past week.

She said when her 2 youngest kids went to Utah to visit their older 
sister and family, she asked her older daughter to give her younger 
siblings some chores to do while there.

I was curious about that at the time.

This info came in so handy this past week as my 8 year old 
grandtwins stayed with us.

I wanted to keep them busy and happy.

And I know that 
all play and no work does not a happy person make. 

I really didn't care if their beds were made, but it was good for 
them, so I asked them to. 

Only one morning did they forget.
All about keeping them busy and happy.

Grandpa taught them how to set up tables for 
our weekly vegetable club.

Sweet Tea folded laundry

Jonas wasn't real thrilled about folding his own laundry. He said, 
"My Mom does that for me at home."

But seriously I saw pride all over his face as he carried 
that same laundry down the hall and put it away.

I may have made up some of the jobs.

And don't think we didn't have plenty of time for fun. We did.

And the interesting thing is after their little jobs I would say, 
"Okay, now you get to have free play."
And they would get so excited!

I was a little concerned before taking them to the 
Primary water party yesterday morning.

What if they got hurt and their parents were called, and of course 
couldn't answer because they are climbing Mt Whitney.

So I asked them to write Grandpa's phone number 
on their arms before they left.
Jonas asked why.

I said, "If Téa breaks her arm 
they need to know who to call."

After a pause in thought, Jonas asked: 
"If Téa breaks her arm, do I have to come home early too?"

Jonas asked me to take a picture of his Dollar Store puzzle he is so proud of
The twins have only been gone an hour, 
and the house feels so empty.

Téa told me before she left, 
"If you miss us, just call us and we'll come back."

But then again, now that their 2 favorite people 
in the whole world have returned, it may be awhile.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy seeing these photos, of course of the children and your beautiful home, but also of Logan and Amy!! They go on such wonderful adventures.
Giving children chores helps develop their sense of accomplishment. Good job, Grandma Honey. And what Jonas said about folding laundry is exactly what my grandson has said to me. The bubbles activity is waaayy cool. Who is the other child in the photo of Jonas with the puzzle? pjc

Grandma Honey said...

That's Trevor in the background. He's the son of Jonas' sister Kylie and her husband David. They came by to visit one day and then take the twins to a water park for a few hours.