Friday, August 25, 2017

Some we can't forget

Bob Ellis died. He was the DA for Bill's murder trial.

I remember something unusual.  
During the trial I would see this unknown woman sitting in the 
court room. She came in alone, and left alone. I finally asked our 
court advocate about her one day and she said, "Oh that's Bob Ellis' wife. Whenever Mr. Ellis is in court, she's here too."

After reading in his obituary this week:
"Bob was the master of home improvement projects and was 
the envy of many of his wife's friends, a great "honey-do" guy," 
I realize they are examples of 'what goes around comes around.'

She was there for him, and he was there for her.

Since the trial was 18 years ago, I don't remember any of my many 
conversations with Bob Ellis, but I do remember how kind and 
helpful he was. 

He would call me with updates on our case, and always willing to 
talk when I called him with my multitude of questions. 

Fast forward 18 years later, and I've learned he has passed from this 
world. Something tells me he will be terribly missed. 

Back in that day I hardly read any of the news articles about it. My 
visiting teacher at the time said she was saving them all for me 
should the day come that I change my mind. I remember thinking 
at the time, 'well that's very nice, but I'll never want them.' 

I still have not read them all, but I am thankful to have them should 
our posterity be interested someday. And they have my visiting 
teacher to thank for that! I just think that was such a creative act of 


McKay said...

I really liked reading about Bob and the fact that his wife came to every trial! How cool! I would be interested in reading the news articles. That is such a nice example of visiting teaching and loving and watching over the women in the ward.

Grandma Honey said...

Well then it must have been you McKenna I've been saving these for! :)