Monday, August 21, 2017

SIX pictures on my mind lately

1. When McKay first sent me this picture I didn't know why. 
Then he said, "Can't you see Grant?" Then I gasped. 

2. What happened to this girl, I could only dream about. She had 
NO idea she was pregnant until she was 28 weeks along! Wow, she 
got to totally skip that first trimester, and the 2nd one too. 
(This is Kara Vukovich. Her mom, Terri Emler, grew up across the street from us.)

 3.  Just so happened, the missionary to the right here, Dylan Tanner 
Jr, lives in my sister Robin's ward here in Clovis, but he spent the 
last few months of his 2 year Boston mission in McKay and 
McKenna's ward! 

They had him over for dinner several times.

Dylan's father, I might add, was Tyler's 11 year old scout leader 
right after Tyler's Dad died 20 years ago. What a blessing that was.

4. Lunch from leftovers in the fridge:
Leftover salad, lentils, GF pasta, and chicken, 
with honey mustard dressing. SO good. 

5. I spotted this picture in Kirklands recently.
I just wish everyone believed it.

6. Surprised us, 
but this was Cafe Rio last Saturday evening from 5-6pm. 

A few families did trickle in before we left, but seriously I've 
never been there when the place was not packed. 

I even asked one of the waitresses what was going on. She said 
typically early Saturday evenings are very slow like this. I would've 
never guessed. The waitress added, "Now you know the best time 
to come here!"

And now, so do you. 


Anonymous said...

1. WOW! Neat tree. Did Grant come down by himself or did he need rescued? Glad he is safe.
2. My sister-in-law found out she was pregnant when she went into labor! It is a miracle the baby was OK as she was being treated, with harsh medications, for various intestinal ailments but no one tested for pregnancy as it was thought she could not become pregnant. Assuming the medications kept the baby sedated/inactive as she felt no movement at all. Sounds absolutely impossible but this is true.
3. Interesting how lives cross paths. It's nice that everyone was able to gather again. Great looking family. (I like the dining table, too)
#5. Good sign

Grandma Honey said...

Wow, about your sister in law. She must have been in shock when she went into labor! So was that her one and only child? Was the baby okay?

Grandma Honey said...

They had just gotten home and were getting out of the car and Grant went missing but they soon found him in that tree which is in their backyard. McKay was able to coax him down.

McKay said...

We miss Elder Tanner!