Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The twinses are here

Look who arrived to stay with us for a whole week ....

while their parents climb Mt Whitney, AGAIN.
(the highest mountain in the US, I might add) 

First things first.
Shortly after they arrived I had them unpack  

kind of like one would do after arriving to summer camp

and organize their outfits into the closet 

I then explained that we were all going to my eye appt.
I thought I better warn them it was located at the hospital.

Their eyes got very big, so I assured them all was well, 
that was just where my eye doctor's office was.

Their eyes were still big and looking worried Jonas asked
"Will we see any dead people?"
I assured them we would not. 

Glad we got that cleared up.

They were patient little waiters. 
So after my appt we took them to Sweet Tomatoes.

We literally had not been there in years, 

and they did not remember it at all.

They were thrown off by the name.
What child is attracted by "sweet tomatoes?"

But once they began eating, 
Jonas said several times, "I love this place!"

He even said, "I need to tell my Dad about this place!"
I didn't heart to tell him his Dad does NOT like eating here. 

After all that food for lunch, we were not home 15 minutes and Jonas announced, "My appetite is coming back."

Good thing I got the fridge and freezer stocked for our 8 year olds.
It's going to be a great week!

But then again, they've always liked to eat.

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