Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life is not always how it sounds

Earlier this summer Den's oldest son Kevin, his wife Karina and 
their daughter Kaylee came to see us for a few days. 

One day while out to lunch Kevin told me THE best sandwich is at 
Chick-Fil-A and do you have one of those here in Clovis? I said, 
no, BUT, we are getting one very soon! 

He said, "Oh you will LOVE it!" 

Well here's our Chick-Fil-A so many of us were excited about 
getting in our neighborhood....

I heard from various store clerks near our home there would be one 
going up here, and we would watch it every few days as we'd drive 
by. Then came the day when the sign went up!

Triple A....Chick-Fil-A...what's the difference. Reminds me of 
that old telephone game we would all play in grade school. One 
little change in a sound, and the story was completely different!

And apparently this little change in sound went from clerk to clerk 
and store to store....
because I heard from several sources it would be a Chick-Fil-A. 

I guess the only way we'll get a chicken sandwich 
there is to bring our own!


Scrapally said...

I thought there was a Chick Fil A in Fresno. No? They are really good! I love their peach shakes in summer!

Susan Anderson said...

Too bad it was AAA, because i love Chick Fil A!