Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where's Scarlett?

The McK family, 
McKay, McKenna, Grant, Scarlett, and Annie 
drove 12 hours to Ohio 
to see McKenna's brother and his family

Plus they also met with (below), McKay's cousin Nick 
(son of John and Suzanne), 
and his wife Julia 
with their kids Caleb and Olivia.

I wish Oliva showed in this picture. I can just see the rim of her carrier.
I have not seen them since Christmas Eve. 

But it is fun seeing them in the same picture!

On the way to this lunch,
little Annie could not figure out where her big sister Scarlett was.

I didn't even know Annie could talk!


McKay said...

We had so much fun meeting up with them!!! We wish we were closer to them than 12 hours so we could get together more often.

Grandma Honey said...

You are home already? That was a fast trip. So what else can Scarlett say? She has changed so much since we saw you all in December. Thank you so much for all the videos and picture!!

McKay said...

She can say almost anything! She tells us she wants a drink a lot, asks for bandaids, she will ask for whoever is not home, she gasps a lot just like Scar did, asks for cheese and treats oh! And she hates messes and thinks all messes are poop so she will be very concerned and say "uh oh poop!" Until we have cleaned things up. And she says "see" a lot. So "Mom, see bird?" And point or "see treats" at the store etc. we will send you more talking videos :)

Anonymous said...

(you don't have to print this...I just thought you might see my message sooner than via email) Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that The McK's were close by us! ONLY 186 miles from us. And, it is the same area we travel when going to visit our Amish friends in southern Ohio. We are more than willing to drive that far to meet the McK's. Maybe we can plan a visit with them next time they come to Ohio if their time allows.

pjc in MI

Grandma Honey said...

But how do you know where they were Pam? I don't even know which town. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can't believe you printed what I wrote, especially the part about you don't have to print it. Too funny!

I Googled the name on the sign, Young's Jersey Dairy, and only one town came up....near Dayton, right? Factoring in their 12 hour drive, this would be about accurate. We are approximately 4 hours from Dayton. An easy drive!! :) Would LOVE to meet the McK's. I think the Logan's and the Austin's could vouch for us!


Grandma Honey said...

I should have known Pam. You are way too smart for me.

Grandma Honey said...

And YES McKenna I would LOVE more videos. I loved reading about all Annie can say. I will talk to you soon!

Grandma Honey said...

oooops....I know you realized I meant to say Annie not Scarlett way above.