Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Mom's recipes

So I came across some of my Mom's recipes from her little box 
where she originally kept them all.

This one stood out first to me. Not sure who she was writing it to, 
or for, but I still make this about once a month.
(She must have written this in the 1960s since Johnny was born in 1956.)

I made this for years just like she wrote here,
but over the years I've made some changes that we like even better:

1. I wrap the packets just ONCE in foil, lower the oven temp to 475' and bake all the packets on a
cookies sheet for 30 min. Perfect.
2. I use salt and Montreal Steak seasoning (or pepper), plus a T of butter on top.
3. Den likes it best when I put a big spoonful or 2 of Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup on top
before baking.
4. Sometimes I add other vegetable as well...whatever I have on hand...sliced peppers, squash,
broccoli, etc

This next one I would vote was Mom's favorite. She loved this over 
vanilla ice-cream. I've never even tasted it since I never liked 
chocolate, but I know she's had many requests for this recipe.

This recipe was obviously originated back in the day when we believed margarine was better for us 
than butter. Since then, we have learned it's best not to mess with mother nature. 

And I cannot think of my childhood without thinking of Mom's 
enchiladas. I can still picture her making these on Saturday 
afternoon so we'd have them to eat after church the next day. And 
then years later she would often surprise all her married children by 
delivering some to each of our homes.

Of all the pictures I took, WHY did I not take one of Mom standing 
on my porch with her enchiladas. 

Important note: I just realized she gave no baking instructions. Bake at 400' uncovered for 15-20 minutes. 
And I think they are better with the green onions. Also, my personal favorite Enchilada sauce 
with this is La Victoria red mild and my least favorite is Las Palmas.

I didn't realize until finding this recipe that it originally came from my Dad's sister Leonie!

Another chocolate recipe I didn't like, but I think my siblings did. 
(I went through a phase thinking I was adopted.)
I'd often see a pan of these in our kitchen growing up.

This was a good one she would make for family potlucks:

I found this next one in her little recipe box, too. I don't know if she 
ever made it since it was cut from a magazine, but I gave it a try a 
few days ago. I loved the idea of just mixing this all together and 
baking it the oven for 2 hours. (I didn't have any yogurt or cucumber and it needed 1/2 t salt.)

I never would have thought to mix lentils and split peas but I liked this combo,
and ate it for lunch 3 days in a row.

I just tried this one last night since I had a head of red lettuce. I really like this dressing! I didn't have
the almonds or mandarin oranges so I just made the traditional salad. But I will definitely be making
this dressing again. (I used rice vinegar because that's what I had.) I think I will make this for our
next neighborhood bookclub but this time with the nuts.


Richard said...

I think one of her kids burned the tallerini recipe...along with the stuffed bell peppers recipe. And, yes, that chocolate sauce was the best.

krheasley said...

Tyler is so excited about the enchiladas recipe. Looks like we'll be trying some of these out very soon!

Grandma Honey said...

Does Tyler remember these? Not sure he was always right there when she would bring them over. I hope I gave her credit for them while we were eating, but not sure I did.
Also, I just added her baking instructions which my Mom forgot to put on her recipe.

Grandma Honey said...

Richard, To this day I can't even look at stuffed peppers. But I liked her tallerini.