Thursday, July 6, 2017

More of our Tyler and Karen visit....

Karen and Tyler arrived here in Clovis to temps near 110'....
for days. 

Here are a few things we came up with to keep the grands cool and comfy. 

Bags of ice made them so happy.

Lots of water and squirt guns

I don't think this is how we intended they use the squirt guns, 
but JuJu didn't seem to mind.

Oh these birds!
(and the prices have more than doubled since I bought them!)
The boys carried these around with them for at least 2 days. 
(The birds repeat what they say, and make other random bird noises
especially when they are pet.)

I had the blue one for over a year and it's been in the clutches of 
many grandchildren with only one battery change so far. 

Violet begged me to buy another one, and I'm glad I did.

Leo proudly helped me cut a few flowers.

We were able to turn frozen fruit into "ice cream." 

The rocket launcher gave them 10 minutes of fun, 
and then it fell apart. 

But I do think it was worth the pictures!

We got to have assorted family members come by. 
They LOVE their Aunts and Uncles.
(Even Uncle Jake who is Tyler's cousin. 
Not exactly an uncle but I'll go with that.)

And the treasure hunt was one of my favorites.

Only problem is, I told them to go hide in the pantry while I hid the 
clues but didn't realized till several minutes later I forgot to turn the 
light on for them in there!

So they stood there in the dark pantry waiting for the hunt to begin.
What kind of a Grandma Honey am I anyway.

The final clue ended up in Grandpa's office.

I LOVED the excitement!
So then the next day Richie wanted to make his own treasure hunt.

I gave him some cards and told him to go for it.

I looked at the only 3 clues, and then I looked at Rich.

That's when he said, 
"I didn't make very many clues 
so I could get to the treasure sooner." 

Of course.

The parents are so cute!
And they really like each other.

We miss them all!!

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Tyler Heasley said...

We miss you too! What a fun adventure it was. And relaxing.