Thursday, June 29, 2017

Leo's hard evening

Leo named the grasshopper he found outside Grasshoppy.

I had the bad idea of catching it and putting it in a little container. 

Before bedtime we told Leo we needed to put Grasshoppy out in 
the backyard so he could be back in his own home.

Leo was majorly upset by this.

No one could console him.
Not even my nephew Jake who happened to be over for dinner 
with his family. 

Finally Karen took both Leo and Grasshoppy outside 
and let him go into the bushes.

To say Leo was crying just doesn't explain. 
He sobbed so loudly and so painfully. 
I'm not sure I ever heard a child cry that passionately. 

It was horrible. 

Karen asked for some paper and a green marker.
Then she found a picture of one of Grasshoppy's relatives on her 
phone....and used that to draw a picture of Grasshoppy.

This seemed to bring calm to Leo.

...until Karen mentioned Grasshoppy's name again

Oh my.

Karen put the picture in Grasshoppy's 
container and told Leo he could sleep with it. 

More sobs carrying Grasshoppy's picture down the hall to bed.

We are hoping for a better tomorrow for our Leo.

Like Karen says about her little boy, "Leo loves deeply."

I'll say! 
With his whole heart.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet boy!