Monday, May 15, 2017

The farewell

Yesterday we got to travel the hour to Visalia to see my brother John and his wife Suzanne
give their farewell talks.....

John is retiring from his practice today, and then they will leave end of this month 
for their mission to Toronto for a year, where they will work with young single adults. 

They have sold their home and just about everything in it except for 8 boxes of things. 
Such brave souls they are.

Dad resting after the meeting. 

Alex's solo and talent are incredibly amazing!
I told him we would pay money and drive long distances just to hear him sing. 

Wish I could share his song here, but instead here's Alex, my Dad, and Susan.

This is the first time I think I've seen my Dad not wear a white shirt to church. :)

His oxygen level is only 88 and I know it took great effort to be there yesterday. 
And we thank Susan so much for all she does to help him every hour of every day. 

I want to share the last bit of John's talk here.
It won't be exact but I think I pretty much got the gist of it:

He told about how last Christmas Eve 60-70 extended family met for one last time in their home.
We were able to honor and thank our father. 
We have all been greatly blessed by the earlier decisions of our parents. 

He told about how our Dad back in 1955 was still smoking while the missionaries
were teaching him and my mom about the gospel in their home.
He would blow smoke rings into the eyes of the elders to show they
were in his home and he was in charge. 

Then our Dad showed great faith in acknowledging his Heavenly Father 
and following our Mom in her desire to join the church. 

John ended his talk with these words:
"So to my father who is present today, on behalf of myself, and 
my brothers and sisters, and our 2nd mother Susan, we say 
"Dad this is all your fault. And thank you for it."


Tyler Heasley said...

Thanks for sharing this! I would have loved to hear John and Suzanne speak. I'm sure they will be great with the young single adults in Toronto. No doubt about it.

Scrapally said...

How exciting for them to serve a mission! I cannot even picture your dad showing the missionaries he was in charge...I love the ending to John's talk. So great.