Monday, April 24, 2017

He'll explain later

My laptop is fixed, again, so now I'm working on a video from a family party last week.....

but for now, 
I want to share with you a poem I read this morning. I especially love the last line...

"If clouds instead of sun spread shadows o'er our heart
If pain inflicts us, never mind; we will soon know who Thou art.
Jesus guides us with His hand, and He will tell us why;
If we listen to His voice, He will tell us by and by.
Confide in God unwaveringly, and let Him us sustain;
Sing His glory endlessly, for later He'll explain."

from the lyrics of the hymn, “Not now but in the Coming Years” found in the Portuguese hymnal....
read at our General Conference this month by Elder Elisses Soares. 

I know so many many people who are going through hard challenges right now, including some 
in my own family. I do believe that when the day comes and we are on the other side, we will 
learn so much about our earth life and we'll say....So THAT'S why we had to go through that!


Tyler Heasley said...

I loved this hymn the instant I heard it quoted. I kept thinking, "Why can't we have that in the English hymnal?"

grandmapeg said...

I really like this and it comes at a time that I really need to hear this. Thanks for sharing.