Wednesday, March 1, 2017

the baton has apparently been passed

I'd been coming to the school theater for 24 years.

But Last Monday night was different though.... Long gone are the days I would come pick up my
sons there. Monday night it was all about our granddaughter Elora. 

She sort of lives there these days practicing for a big play that will open on March 9th. 

So as Den parked the car I told him we should go inside and watch the last part of her play practice.
He said, "We can't do that."  

He was worried we would embarrass her. I told him no, not the way we're going to do it.

We just sit in the back row and observe. We don't go looking for her, we don't approach her.
I know our place.

I LOVE being around teenagers. They give me energy.
So I did talk to a few of them.

One very nice boy came up to us and said, "Have we met before? I think I know you." 
I said I was Elora's Grandma. 
He said, "That's how come you look familiar to me!! You have Elora's eyes!"

Yeah right. I don't have her eyes at all. 
I think he was just trying to score points with the Grandma. 

Speaking of Elora, while sitting in the back, 
our eyes looked around the theater trying to find her.

Den thought she was the girl in the white top...see her right there below?
But as that girl lifted her long white painted fingernails to scratch her head, I said, nope, not her. 

Then looking to the other side, I thought, wait, I think I see her....
the girl next to the boy with the red hat!

Then she stood up awhile later, I could tell it was her!

As she looked our way, Den left at that very moment to get some water. 
He was just trying to give her space. Not me. I didn't want to miss anything.

But then she did the unexpected. 

She came right up to me and in front of her friends 
she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. 

She's a sweetheart.

We couldn't help but buy her the treat of her choice on our way home. 
Choc shake and fries.

I still can't figure out how time passes as it does. 

But I guess every Grandma says that, right?

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Tyler Heasley said...

Elora is the right kind of teenager! I love this story.