Saturday, January 7, 2017

Karen's (hearty) potato bar

Potato bars are tasty and all...HOWEVER
in my opinion they aren't usually very filling. 

They can even seem more like an appetizer, 
or at best, a light dinner.

While here last month, Karen introduced me to a sort of sloppy joe 
type filling to go over the potatoes, 
(before you put on everything else, like the cheese, onions, sour cream, etc.) 

photo from Lauren's Latest

I loved these so much that I asked her to make them again a few 
days later. Is that not a good mother in law thing to do, I'm not 
sure, but Karen is Karen and she acted so sweet 
about doing it all over again for me. 

Karen with Juliet, McKenna with Annie

She got this recipe from a popular food blog, Lauren's Latest. 

On Lauren's Latest this crockpot recipe is for Sloppy Joes, 
...but Karen made a few minor changes for going over potatoes:

**She used ground turkey instead of beef, only one cup of water, 
a rounded 1/4 c of brown sugar, about a T of regular mustard instead of the dry mustard.**

So be sure and take a look at the recipe HERE. It made enough for 
Karen and Tyler, McKay and McKenna, Brock and Erin, and us, 
and all 9 kids. But you could always half it for a smaller group.

It's a little sweet so it's kid friendly. 
And the meat is really stretched by all those vegetables, 
which no one can tell are even in there since they are grated.

Oh, and another tip: Karen places the potatoes on a baking sheet, rubs live oil all over her potatoes 
and then sprinkles salt on them before baking. They look beautiful that way and even taste better 
(Is that the psychological effect, not sure).

Karen and McKenna spent many moments just like this....
cooking away.

Or this....plotting the next meals.

Don't know why I'm so lucky 

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