Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The unusual, and the best.

I heard my grandgirls unpacking their over night things in the other 
room while I was getting dinner together. 

They soon came in to show me the little bedtime friends 
they brought with them.

I turned around to look at their animals, confused, and asked, 
"Wait a sec. Where did you both get these?"
(thinking their Moms must shop at the same place, 
but still what a coincidence to both come with that same unusual creature.)

Violet piped right up, "Mommy got me this in Italy."
While Téa said, "My Mommy got mine at the mall." 

Let's see, the mall 2 miles away....Italy a lot further than that!

But the best part of the evening? 
It happened after I gave them their bag of surprises.

They said they wanted to be alone for a few minutes. 
I didn't think anything of it....just went about cleaning up dinner.

When they came out of the bedroom they announced, 
"Because you do so many nice things for us, 
we wanted to do something for you."

And they presented me with these pictures...
Violet made this one of our old house. That big blue thing? 
That was our pool. 

I think Téa made our new house. 
Not sure. But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't even matter why the rainbow is under the house.

What does matter to me is they were SO sweet to think of me!
But I think I'll wait a few years 
before I ask them to wash my dishes.