Tuesday, December 20, 2016

6 of our grandkids reunited

These inseparable cousins who have been separated since last May, 
were reunited last night.

Leo, Grant, Annie, Scarlett, Juliet, and Rich

Just before Karen and Tyler and family arrived last night, 
there was some dancing going on in the kitchen.
Obviously they were a bit excited in anticipation.

I had my arms outstretched to Leo and Rich as they walked 
through our front door and they had their arms outstretched to me, 
until, they saw their cousins, and then went to them instead. 

Feeling rejected for about 5 seconds, 
and then I thought, no, this is good!
I so want my grandchildren to be close to each other.

Soon after Leo walked in the door he explained some ground rules 
to Scarlett, "Don't hit Juliet. She's a good boy. She's not your boy, 
but she's a good boy." Just protecting his baby sister. 
Not that Scarlett had any plans to hit anyone. 

Then moments later, Scarlett sobbed and sobbed because she 
couldn't take a bath with Rich and Leo. Her Dad tried to explain to 
her that she can't take a bath with boys.

These 2 little girls, Annie and Juliet, will be best friends someday.

Our house is full, and crazy and messy, and noisy this week, 
and I'd have it no other way. 

These families went through great effort to make it here.
I am feeling very grateful.

Lots of cooking gone on around here and I'm not the one doing it.
I'll be sharing their recipes soon.


grandmapeg said...

This is great to have these little families with you for Christmas and I love to see these little cousins so close in age to each other, together again. You definitely have a houseful but you'll enjoy it all. They all look alike so definitely you can tell they are family!

Richard said...

I so miss the part about the smelly crock pot in the hotel with everyone in the same room...maybe next year.

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad they all could make it. Have a wonderful time.