Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wonders of this week...or so. #7

1. One day last week in Boston, Scarlett insisted she wasn't tired.
But soon McKenna found her fast asleep.
Then she noticed what Scarlett did for her baby doll before drifting off!

I just recently discovered The Sweet Home where I can find out what is THE BEST appliance or
pillow, or bedsheets or other products to buy. I like it better than consumer reports because it's 
more direct and to the point. I need to replace our flannel sheets and #2 on their list for quality is
Target brand for just $23.99 for king size. Who knew.      The Sweet Home

3. Didn't take our missionary grandson Chandler,
long to dive right into the culture now that he's in South Carolina!
Check out the last part of his letter last week:

" I hope y'all are having a good start of
November and hope y'alls halloween went well! Remember to love one
another as Jesus loves you :)
-Elder Ball"

4. Tyler in Vancouver, Wa, took on a 30 hour weekend project of painting 
all their kitchen cabinets.

Karen, Leo, and Juliet were in Utah for the weekend ....and Tyler said it was a much better time to 
paint without his favorite little girl crawling everywhere. No offense sweet Juliet.

5.  And look what has begun in California this week! Bring your own bags when you go shopping
or pay 10 cents for each one. Can you imagine the bacteria that could grow in the same bags you use
week after week? So I'm looking to buy several mesh ones that can be aired out, and also so I can
wash them.
Sorry about your head honey. I was concentrating on the bag.

6. I put my 2 leftover Halloween pumpkins in the crockpot, after I cut them in half and seeded 
them. (they were the cooking kind of pumpkins). Then I made little mounds of pumpkin goodness 
and froze them. I put a mound or 2 in my smoothies for extra Vitamin A. The grandkids are fine with 
it too. (because I don't tell them)

I even use a mound or 2 in our french toast with the egg and milk. 
Makes breakfast heartier, and SO good. 

7. At church last Sunday one of the speakers said something I've been thinking about ever since. He 
said, "Many people call these times "post Christian." I guess I knew that on some level, but hadn't 
thought of it in those terms exactly, and it just makes me so sad. 

However, I quickly thought of this quote I read on a blog I follow:

So blessed are children being raised in homes 
who don't know anything about a "post Christian" era. 


grandmapeg said...

Both of those granddaughters are so cute!! Do we get to see Tyler's finished project? Miss Scarlett is quite the mommy!

Susan Anderson said...

Post Christian sounds awful.