Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cafe Rio....and now I think I get it...

So forever it seems, I've heard about this place...

This just opened in our area a few months ago. 

Before that, you pretty much had to be in Utah to eat there.
So I never did. 

So today Den and I needed to stay out of 
our house for awhile so we tried it out.

It was like walking into Mormon land.
They were everywhere.
Some we knew, some we didn't. But we could tell.

And lots of babies.
But most of those went outside on the patio with their Moms.
I met a set of 14 month old twins, Tyler and Kiera.

First, Den saw his friend Masa Hanamaikai and his wife.
Den worked with him in the stake back in his Corona days.

Then I said, "Hey there's Jake!" (my nephew there in the blue jacket)

I heard some women sitting near us 
talking about their visiting teaching.

Den calls out to me, "Look! There's Tracy Fairbanks!" 
We home teach her. 
Then while we were eating suddenly my niece McKenzie appears before my face.

Later Den says, "Your sister Robin came with her, Look!"
By then McKenzie was back with her so he only got the right side of her face.

As we were sitting in the car, ready to leave Den rolled down his window to talk to this family, 
who we had never seen before and didn't know.
"Funny how being in there feels like we are in Provo."

To which the unknown man replied, 
"They just need to throw a little snow out here."

Just so you'll know, it's not like we are all from a small town.
And it's not like this place is exactly right near us.
It's probably a 20-25 min drive from our home. 
And it's not like we were there all afternoon, 45 minutes tops.

I almost forgot to show our food
The vinaigrette dressing was the BEST I've ever had.
I will go back again just for that. 
Or maybe just to see who walks in next.

As we were driving home I got this text from my sister Robin:


Karen Mortensen said...

How fun.

Scrapally said...

That is so funny! Not just random people you know, but FAMILY. We LOVE Cafe Rio and that dressing for the salad is the best! We make our own cafe rio at home but it's much more fun to go to the restaurant and eat there! Did you have the sweet pork? I always get the pork whether in an enchilada, a burrito or a taco. And of course the Salad. Which we ask for the smaller chopped lettuce (can't think what it's called right now) as it makes it easier to eat. We were so excited that Fresno was getting this...I think they will do good business!

Richard said...

I see Casey Cleveland in one of those photos too...and just a few hours ago I was with his dad Seve, when Casey called to say he had recently seen Jake Kennington at Cafe Rio...and bunches of Jakes relatives. Now I know he was telling the truth.

Rebecca said...

oh this is funny. I live a few blocks from a Cafe Rio. I like their salmon tacos. On corn tortillas.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love going places and seeing a bunch of people I know and love. I usually have to go to some kind of party to do that.
How come so many Mormons were there? Is it run by a Mormon family or something?

Grandma Honey said...

Cafe Rio is only in Utah I think, or atleast it began there. I'd heard about it for years, my sons and DILs talk about that place with such fondness. So when it came to our town, I was anxious to try it. I guess since it's not a well known place in Calif yet, those from Utah (many Mormons live there, or went school there) know about it and love it, so that passion brings them in.

grandmapeg said...

I love Café Rio!! In fact, Nick and Hailey just brought over my birthday present and part of that was a gift card for Café Rio. I love the lime rice and the chicken enchilada...my favorite!

Susan Anderson said...

That's funny. There is actually a Cafe Rio in So Cal, and boy, is it good!

krheasley said...

I wonder if Tyler remembers that he promised to take me there while we are in town? I love and miss Cafe Rio!