Sunday, October 2, 2016

they don't preach what they practice

I was listening to a podcast by a Dr Leonard Sax last week
and I've been pondering 2 of his sentences since then:

"The problem with a lot of good parents today is they don't 
preach what they practice. So the parents believe in virtue and 
honesty and decency, but they don't talk about it."

I had to wonder, why don't they talk about it? Too busy? Kids too distracted by their phones?  The
parents beliefs aren't politically correct anymore? Not sure what it is exactly.

Then yesterday morning while watching General Conference, that podcast was brought back again to
me, when Robert D Hales said,

"Parents and grandparents, we tend to bemoan the state of the 
world...that schools are not teaching moral character, but there is 
much we can do. We can take advantage of the teaching moments 
in our own families. That means now. Don't them slip by. When 
an opportunity comes to share your thoughts about the gospel 
and the lessons of life, stop everything, sit down, and talk to your 
children and grandchildren."


grandmapeg said...

That was such a good talk! Also, I love the sign about WiFi.

Susan Anderson said...

Wasn't it a great conference? And his talk was among my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Where is this sign? Love it!