Monday, August 1, 2016

Can't let the visit rest, yet.

I'm not done yet.
There are still some things I want to remember about our Karen, Tyler, Rich, Leo, and Juliet visit.

Like this for example.....Tyler walks in place the entire time he is working. 
He's an actuary and when he travels he can still bring his work with him.

He walked through our breakfast, our lunch....I took a nap, got back up and he was still walking. 

Might not look like he is walking in the picture, but he was, non stop basically from 8-5.
(perhaps he sat down for his lunch, not sure)

They all wear pedometers at his work and are in competition with each other. 
As of last week he was in first place out of 1600 employees nation wide!
(but seriously, if you are walking all through your work day, who could top that!)

On most nights after the Rich, Leo, and Juliet were asleep this is what Karen and Tyler would do.

It's their nightly ritual back home too.
They watch a British cooking show which they LOVE and look forward to,
(I wish I knew the name of it??)
and eat popcorn, and sometimes ice cream.
It's the little things you know....

Lots of cousin and family time.

Even Erin with her broken foot was able to come over a few times.

Tyler, Karen, Brock, Erin

Amy, Karen, and Juliet

Swim time most every Téa joins them.

And a few visits and hang outs with Tyler's cousins Jake and wife Katie, and 2nd cousin Harvey

Leo, Harvey, Jake

Cooking time with Grandma Honey

They enjoyed their oven pancake as much as Elora and Hailey did 4 years ago.

And some Grandma Honey/Juliet time which I cherish too.

I even got to introduce Juliet to bananas!
She's not crossed eyed, just fascinated with the spoon.

I've never enjoyed reading outloud, so I'm thankful for Storyline Online
They were smitten with I Need My Monster.  

And as always, Grandpa Dennis was involved in everything.

I wonder what it's like looking into the eyes of his great granddaughter Juliet.

2nd cousins Leo and Harvey really hit it off.

I don't like goodbyes.


grandmapeg said...

I thought this was supposed to be a vacation for Tyler or is it a combination of work and vacation? Lots of family and making memories for sure!

Grandma Honey said...

Good question He only worked 3 days of the 2 weeks. Then I guess he used the rest of those 2 weeks for vacation. Love how he has this kind of flexibility. He rarely actually goes into the office.

Peggy said...

I really love that picture of Dennis and Juliet, so precious. I'm so glad Tyler and Jake got to see each other.