Sunday, July 17, 2016

What we've been doing with our Vancouver family...

I know our married kids do not like sleeping in twin beds....


Shortly after Tyler and Karen with their three arrived from Vancouver, 
I apologized that we still had the twins beds, 
but they readily said, "Oh no it's okay. No problem."

 But the next morning when I peeked into their room, this is what I saw...

They like each other, what can I say.

It's one thing to see my granddaughter Juliet in pictures and FaceTime.
It's another to have her and Mommy Karen right here in our family room.

No matter what time of day it is, if Leo has not seen me for more than a few minutes 
he greets me with: "Good Morning Grandma Honey!"

Can you see the sleepy in Rich's eyes?
Very first thing after he woke up Saturday morning he wanted to check out the pool. 

A historical picture.
Tyler playing with his old Star War figures with his sons!

Richie helping with the smoothies

Grandma Honey took the easy way out this time.

Then I had the idea of making Pretzel Turtles.

But Leo couldn't quite make it beyond opening the Rolos and popping them in his mouth.
Over and over again. 

Den and Tyler had a very long catch up talk.

Later on Den found me in the kitchen and said to me, "I am SO proud of Tyler!"

Why have I hardly even noticed this water spigot on the side of the house??

The boys cannot get enough of it...especially Leo!
I sent Grandpa out late at night to make sure it was OFF.

So I walk into the boys room tonight and see water bottles all over the floor.

As I get down on the floor to pick them up I notice the labels are all taken off them. 

Well of course. Why didn't I think of this....

Creative grandsons for sure.

So is Karen... for thinking of putting Grandpa's hat on Richie 
when we were out of sun screen.

Tonight I asked Richie to set the table, 
 and I asked him to put one napkin on each plate. 
Didn't he do the best job!

2 days down, 13 to go. 
I want to savor them all. 


Richard said...

Why not enroll those boys at Jan Thomas swim school? They could both be water-proofed by the end of vacation...!

Scrapally said...

How fun for you to have that sweet little family visiting! They are very cute and creative! Enjoy!

Heather said...

Aw, we love these guys so much!!! Glad you are having a fun time with them! We're already anxious for them to get back so we can have them over for dinner and games. Tyler and Karen are so amazingly sweet with our kids. They let Nathan (our 8 year old) join in on the board games and are so patient with him. Karen is always willing to let Hannah hold and love on Juliet. And of course Rich, Ray, and Leo have the best time together! Enjoy the next couple of weeks!

grandmapeg said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying a nice, relaxing visit! Those grandchildren are sure growing fast. Little Miss Juliet is so cute! I'm sure you and Dennis are having a great time. Enjoy the visit!