Friday, July 22, 2016

They turn three 3,109 miles apart...and Karen's corn recipe

My favorite, and also saddest picture of yesterday.

Scarlett (who is 3 today) was on FaceTime from Boston wishing 
Leo happy birthday (who turned 3 yesterday) 
when she saw Richie (4 1/2) and said to him, 
"Remember when we use to be best friends?"

And Richie answered back, "We are still best friends."

Even though these cousins are now 3,109 miles apart!

So Scarlett turns three today in Boston....

While cousin Leo turned 3 yesterday here in California with us!

(we're a little more casual here in California)

Leo was SO excited to get a Ukulele for his birthday
that when I snuck in their room about 11pm last night
this did not surprise me at all....

but I still laughed and had to show his parents!

I heard Leo say yesterday with such passion
"Today's my birthday. Can I blow the fire?"
That's enough excitement to wear anyone out.

It kind of breaks my Grandma Honey heart Leo and Scarlett 
can't be together and celebrate as they have always done before 
in their short little lives so far.

After all, how many cousins are born within the same 24 hours 
in the same hospital. 

McKenna actually reserved a room across from Karen and then 
their Dads wheeled the babies in together for that picture. 

Leo's birthday dinner....all his favorites: 
Dinosaur Nuggets, fries, and salad. 
(I had low expectations for this dinner, 
but with the added broccoli and corn on the cob and minus the dinosaur nuggets,  
it was actually quite good....) 

Karen's Oven Corn on the Cob:
put 2 pats of butter and salt on each corn cob.
Wrap each cob individually in foil.
Put them all on a cookie sheet and Bake @450' for 20 minutes.

I usually just boil my corn cobs for 10 minutes, but her way tastes surprisingly better!
The foil seems to lock in the flavor, rather than losing some of it in the boiling water. 


Robin said...

Here's our corn recipe.... When your water starts to boil, throw in the corn and turn off the stove, say the prayer and pull out the corn. Hot and crisp.

Those are some mighty CUTE children!

Grandma Honey said...

That's the same way Mom use to make it. :)

grandmapeg said...

It doesn't seem like three years have passed since that first side by side picture in the hospital. I'm sure those little cousins miss each other!

Richard said...

Corn night was where I learned to say short prayers. Liver night or stuffed bell pepper night, no amount of praying would help.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthdays Leo and Scarlett!! All these photos are adorable. I love how your home, especially the kitchen, is back to having the lived-in look. Just so full of love and great times. The cake looks yummy!! The boys sleeping is so nostalgic of when our children were that age. I love Leo's face while eating his chicken nuggets. I think he has your eyes, Jill. Or maybe it is the expression. He is definitely your grandson. So sweet of Scarlett and Richie to 'see' each other and confirm their friendship.

When can we all see a photo of you rocking Juliet? I would be satisfied with a view from the back if you are too reluctant for the camera.

I have to agree with Richard's comment.

Susan Anderson said...

Of course they are still best friends. Richie got it right.

So cute, that little Leo.