Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I couldn't miss this....

This moving stuff....it sort of takes over one's life.

And I haven't even gotten to the serious packing yet. 
It's going through the 26 years of memories that about does me in some days.

But in the middle of it we were able to crash Logan and Amy's party. Not really crash, because we 
were invited. But we go mostly just to observe, and then we quietly leave.

Logan and his 5 friends have been together since they were 12-13. 
So that's been well over 20 years. And each year there are more children added.

I didn't get pictures of their wives this time, but I did get "the guys" and their children. 
Very sweet for me to see, I have to say.

Ryan, Bryce, Logan, Robby, and Travis
(Brad and his family couldn't make it this year.)

And this isn't even all of their children.

So look what I found way up on a shelf in Logan's old bedroom...

Brock drew this of Logan and his friends back in the day....

I may just hang this up in our new home.

I'm sort of enjoying all the hidden treasures I'm finding in this house.
I think I'd enjoy it more though, if I knew I weren't walking out the door soon. 

But we have a really good distraction coming soon and I'm getting ready for it....

Tyler wants to spend 2 weeks, one last time,  at the only childhood home he knows. 
Of course along with him we get the bonus of Karen, Rich, Leo.....and baby Juliet...
whom I have never even met! 

PS  If you haven't tried this contagious granola, 


grandmapeg said...

So many memories!! I think that can be emotionally draining...at least for me it would. Brock is such a talented artist! Definitely that picture deserves to be hanging...either in your house or Logan's. I'm sure you must be getting pretty excited for Tyler and Karen and kids to come visit, especially getting to meet Miss Juliet in person!!! Have fun!

Karen Mortensen said...

Good luck with all the moving stuff.

Anonymous said...

We're passed due for a phone date!