Monday, June 27, 2016

It's just about a done deal

It was only on the market for 2 days, and then I'd had enough.

It was hard having 18 showings, knowing strangers were walking around inside our home,
while we mostly drove around in our car.

On day two, about 1pm, I texted the realtor and said we needed a two hour break.
I said the house would not be available from 1-3. 

She texted back: Thanks for letting me know.

I immediately fell asleep thinking all was well.
So did Dennis.
It's been a tiring past few weeks getting ready for this, and also we are not 35. 

I woke up at 1:59 and decided to just check my phone.
The realtor had a text waiting saying we have showing at 2 and at 2:15.....
and she added that she told them they had to be out by 3:00


Oh no, she got it mixed up. No, we wanted to be left alone until 3, not after.
Uh oh. 

About this time we heard people on our porch.
I opened the door and said, "I'm so sorry but there's been a mistake. We are taking 2 hours off 
from showing the house."

Then I realized how crazy that was. The people were there NOW.
So I then said, "If you can just wait 10 minutes you're welcome to come in."

By now both 2 and 2:15 appointments were outside waiting.

I hurried in the house and quickly put the bed back together, cleaned up the kitchen,
and straightened things up and turned all the lights back on. 

We let them all in and then escaped back into our car.

Interestingly, both the 2 and 2:15 put great offers in later that day.

And through prayer, we knew exactly which offer to accept.

And as a side note, we would sign up with these realtors again.
They helped us so much...especially in staging our home, and were very respectful of our time 
(except for that one honest mistake), 
and sold our home in 2 days!

I want to post these pictures here for our record.

I took most of these last week, just before it went on the market. 
A few of them were taken by the realtor photographer. 

All (most) family pictures are gone, and the realtor even wanted my kitchen counters naked. 
So in some ways it doesn't even feel like our house any more.

Our kitchen never looks like this in real life. 

And Den's office...
he usually has about....oh...100 pieces of paper on the floor that he is working on

I bought those cheap plastic hampers for our laundry room shortly after moving in here 26 years ago, and we've used them daily ever since. 

See that little robot vacuum on the counter?
That's Bubba....he took over some of the floor cleaning, 
after Tyler left home 11 years ago.

I will miss this hidden closet in my laundry room.
It's right behind the door.

This is basically our empty room. We put a few things in here for the pictures. 
I had plans to make this my office, or family history room.

I know, probably more pictures than anyone wanted to see, 
but soon this will be all that I have left of it. 

Just the pictures and the memories.

I like what a friend told me today:
"I think it is always difficult to close one chapter of your life and begin a new chapter."

But it's all good. And we feel really good about the new family soon to move into this house.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your house. I love "looking" at houses! I love imagining you and your family living and playing in that house. The kids swimming in that pool. Playing in that grass. It looks so lovely! I can see wanting to get rid of that big pool if you're not into it anymore. Can't wait to see pics of your new place! You must be exhausted!

Susan Anderson said...

Such a warm and welcoming home. I'm glad you chose a family you feel good about having in your house. That will give you a better feeling leaving it. Congrats on selling so quickly! Can't wait to see pictures of your new rooting place.


Richard said...

You painted the exterior? I really like the new color.

Grandma Honey said...

The new color?? We had that done in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the quick sale!! Of course it was fast; your home is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for posting these photos. I loved the tour and am in awe.
Twenty-six years and I finally got to see your yard and pool. I never knew you had a covered patio with a picnic table. I never knew the shape of the pool nor the kinds of trees and bushes along the fence. I never saw the front courtyard in its entirety nor the laundry room. And is that an air conditioning unit on your roof!?! (another first for me)
Even though we began writing before you lived at this address, this the only home I have some photos of so it will be a bit hard to say goodbye.
I am very excited to see your new home! It will be oh so grand and full of new adventures and family gatherings and most of all, lots and lots of love will move into it as well.
pjc in mi

Anonymous said...

LOL, Richard! And speaking of exterior....what is the material used? It's not brick or wood.

Grandma Honey said...

Stucco. Maybe it's a California thing? I don't know.

Ricardo said...

Your house was blue last year when I was there...

Grandma Honey said...

No one named Ricardo ever stayed here.

grandmapeg said...

After reading Richard's comments, that answered a question that I had asked in an email to you that you forgot to answer. When I was there last it was still gray and blue, and I know that was before 2009. Anyway, I loved seeing the pictures of your home, of course you've done a lot of changes since I was there last. Lots of memories!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Nice house. Congratulations on selling it.

Heidi Ballas said...

I LOVED SEEING EVERY PHOTO AND WOULD EVEN LOOK AT MORE! "more pictures than anyone wanted to see," PSH. :-)
So many happy memories!

Grandma Honey said...

I so wish Heidi that I had pictures of how my house really looked when the boys were all home and you and Brett were here too. That was real life. Many of the pictures here are staged for selling. Or I should say the clean part of it empty counters as if no one lives here anymore.

Laura Paul said...

I saw your blog mentioned on facebook and that you had sold your home. So surprised! I had no idea you were moving. Should have talked with you more. Hope your new place is just what you want and still somewhere in the ward! Have a good summer with the upcoming changes in your life! Love you! Laura Paul

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Laura. We are only moving a mile away, still in the ward. Much smaller yard so I think we will be happy. It all came on kind of suddenly. but still, you and I need to talk more!