Sunday, May 22, 2016

Grant in Massachusetts

The McKs and their 3 littles arrived in Massachusetts two days ago.
McKay said so far it looks similar to the Portland/Vancouver area
they came from with all the lush green.

I just had to share this video taken today at McKenna's sister's home.
Grant is obviously loving it there. Not so sure about the chickens.


grandmapeg said...

Fun little activity to keep Grant busy, but the poor chickens being chased all day :-))) Our little 3 year old grandson misses the chickens that our next door neighbor had. He would go up to the the fence and wait for the chickens to come to him. That's great that McKenna's sister is back there. So does she live close to where they want to get a house?

Anonymous said...

Ah, that lush environment! It was like that in Indiana in May too. So thick you can smell it, pressing in around you like you're swimming in it. I remember it well.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun video; I like watching it over and over. The chickens looked as though they enjoyed the 'running game'. Grant looks so handsome in his dress clothes. The yard is beautiful and so well landscaped. I'm glad that the McK's have family nearby and all that wide open space for the little ones to visit and explore. Best wishes to them in their new surroundings and may they find a place of their own soon. pjc

Susan Anderson said...

Such a idyllic spot. Looks like Grant is having a ball!