Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I learned from this

So last Friday morning I was excited because Den and I had a day trip planned. 
I was so happy about it that maybe I had a bounce in my step because 
when I got out of bed at 7am, I immediately ran my foot into the leg of this chair.

I slammed it hard and knew it wasn't good, 
but still I thought maybe if I just prop it up for a few minutes the pain would subside. 
It didn't.

So I called Kaiser and got an appt later that afternoon..

They called me just before my appointment and said 
 "go right now and get an X-ray"

So I did exactly that, hobbling all the way in there, until Den found a wheel chair.

Then I came back 2 hours later for my appt.
The Dr took one look at my foot and said, 
"Your toe is broken and you don't need an X-ray because I can tell without one." 

"Well I already had an X-ray."
"But that was unnecessary. Why did you do that?"
"Because whoever I talked to, said to get one first."
"Well how would they know you need an X-ray? They didn't even see you." 

(And here I thought I was being such a good patient. It's not every day I am.)

So this doctor brings up my X-rays and lets me look at them while he is saying, "I've worked in 
trauma for 10 years. This is my speciality. I know what I'm talking about."

Then as he is studying the picture, I hear him say quietly in a rather muffled voice,
"It shows no break."

I felt kind of sorry for him at this point,
so then I said, "Well it feels broken. I'm sure it's broken." 

He looks at a 2nd and 3rd picture and then excitedly says,
"Here it is right here! Your middle toe is broken. Can you see it? It's broken right where the toe 
meets the foot. See I told you. I knew from the beginning."

He was happy to be right.
And I was happy it was my toe this time and not my foot.

He said I should heal in 3 weeks.

Okay, so here's what I learned:
To fix broken toes just tape the broken one to the toe next to it. 
That's all this Dr needed to do for me.

I wish I had known this a million years ago when I broke my toe as a young kid. 
I just limped and hurt for weeks and weeks. Maybe months.

Also I learned this....
Many foot accidents happen in the middle of the night when people get up in the dark.
Even though I ran into the chair in daylight....I had left the chair out a few inches from the night
before. Our brains don't compensate for a few inches, and then our feet pay the price.

The sad part is I missed church last Sunday. It was stake conference and too far to walk in,
and then too much sitting for my fresh break of a foot.
So I stayed home and listened to this great talk my sister had told me about:

  (The speaker was captivating, but not her personality. Perhaps she was nervous.
About an accident involving her 4 year old and how it changed their lives.
How life does not always go as we had planned.)


Scrapally said...

So sorry about your toe! Hope it heals quickly. In the meantime, get lots of reading and talk listening done (although you do that already!). I am pushing my chair in right now (I have the same kind of reading chair in my room).

Anonymous said...

I've broken a toe twice. Took 6 weeks to heal. What a pain! Sorry this happened to you. Hugs (( ))!!

Grandma Honey said...

6 weeks sounds more realistic. I don't know why he said 3 weeks. Did you keep them taped the entire 6 weeks? I forgot to ask how long I need to do that.

Karen Mortensen said...

Ouch. Sorry about your foot. Hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. It felt a lot better after a couple of weeks. But, full recovery was 6 weeks. (You don't notice the taped toes after a while.)

grandmapeg said...

Hope your toe is on the mend. How long has it been since you broke your foot?

Anonymous said...

OUCH!! I am sorry this happened and that you went through a lot to get to the proper diagnosis. And then the pain. Such a tender area too. We've all have stubbed toes, which are quite painful, but to break one....I wince reading what you wrote. Sending healing thoughts, dear friend, for a quick and complete recovery. pjc