Saturday, March 5, 2016

I had no idea...

So I'd been reading this blog for a while....about a family. The man and woman sing, and display
some of their videos. They give birth at home 2 years ago to a darling little girl who has
Downs syndrome.

I'm drawn to their love of family and "the simple life." Or so I thought. They cherish one another.

I read how she gets cancer and is put on hospice. Her husband describes so personally and beautifully
their last days together. They still see the blessings in each moment, even the really really hard ones.
And there were plenty of those.

I learned on their blog yesterday that she passed away at 2:30 pm surrounded by her family.

Then a few hours later I am on my computer again and as usual the top CNN news stories come on.
I see in the line up, "Country Singer Joey Feek dies at 40." What? She was a well known singer?

I had no idea. They hadn't mention that part of their life on their blog, not that I had read anyway.

Whether she was known or not known, it doesn't matter though.
Either way, just a sweet little family.

A while back, a year or so ago? My sister Robin sent me this video. Come to find out just today, this
was the first song they wrote. And from all that I know, it's how they lived.


Anonymous said...

Aww... great song. Great story. Thanks for this.

Susan Anderson said...

Beautiful, and their story is inspirational.