Thursday, March 3, 2016

I don't like the title of this book but I LOVE it!

I have a book to tell you about, but first...

I get so excited about produce this time of year.

Are you remembering to roast your vegetables?

This was such a great cauliflower and carrots. 

I threw the red onions, and mushrooms in since I had some, and loved those too! 
Just 2 T olive oil, salt and pepper. 30 min at 375'
The asparagus didn't fare well this way.

I LOVE Spring time.

I've been passionate about this book....

I don't especially like the title, but it is rather catchy.

But seriously this is one of THE BEST books I've ever read.
It's all science based written by an MD who is....
I wouldn't even say passionate is strong enough, I would say obsessed about health. 
He has seen too much and knows too much not to share. 

It matches perfectly with what I already it feels right. 

It's NOT written like a text book. It's engaging. 
A page turner. I cannot leave this book alone.

The author use to go all over the country teaching seminars, 
but since writing his book and thanks to the internet, 
he says he can reach more people while sitting at home in his pajamas.

The author, Dr Michael Greger does not receive a penny from this book.
He has it in contract that all the money from it goes back into his nonprofit so he 
can continue spreading the word. He gets no compensation from his organization, either. 

Don't we all want to feel better?

Go read the reviews on Amazon. 

This is how we eat now, with the addition of some fish and poultry.


Karen Mortensen said...

The food looks wonderful. That book sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how this does for you. Please keep us updated. Are you using primarily organic veggies?

Grandma Honey said...

We are having a lot of fun with it so far. Dennis says he already feels much better, much less tired. We've always eaten lots of vegetables but what has really changed are the beans. I'm learning to put them in all sorts of foods. White beans taste really good in smoothies! So creamy and they take on the taste of whatever else in in the smoothie. Dennis mixes 1/2 c of white beans in his oatmeal each morning and it keeps him full longer. Tonight we had tacos made with lentils. I'm learning so much from the book....the author shares how he eats and what his family does. Tons of research went into this book and the author continues to research daily and often makes videos of what he has learned and puts them on his website. He's very committed. He feels this is his personal mission in teach people how to eat and why. The first part of the book is broken into chapters by ailments....and he explains what foods are needed for each ailment. Then the 2nd part of the book explains how to eat the foods....he has a chapter about each of his "daily dozen." The food may look overwhelming but it's not. I find it easier having a plan before me.

Susan Anderson said...

Can I come and eat at YOUR house? Yummy!!

I will check out the book on Amazon for my kindle.