Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Galentines Day

So as soon as I arrived at the church yesterday Elora asked if I needed help making the punch.
But looking at her, all I could think of did this happen? 

How can Elora be old enough to plan a party for all the other 12-13 year old girls in our stake? 
(a stake is the combination of several wards in our area....a ward is our own congregation)

As I left the kitchen and walked past Violet in the hallway, she sees my camera and does this.

I opened the door to the party room and SO impressed with all the work 
Elora and her parents did to get ready...
Galentines: for girls only

Her Dad was getting the music ready for the big party.  
Could Violet look any more excited?

Backdrop all ready for photos

Hearts and flowers and love all around the huge room.

The girls started arriving.
What do 12-13 year old girls talk about anyway? 

Whenever I'd pass Elora I would think....really? She's this grown up?

THE BEST time of all was had by Violet!
I don't think her feet were even on the ground!
After about an hour or so I went home to check on Cami who was with Grandpa.

She was reading her favorite magazine. Seriously.
We can have a stack of books and magazines and she will go through them till she finds the Ensign.

Cami, you are so pretty.

She watched a little of BYU basketball with Grandpa in his office.

Then we ended our Saturday celebrating with these two.
I think we should all try to be as happy as Violet!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful day you had.

Scrapally said...

Elora really does look grown up! What a fun party and cute decorations. Violet is an inspiration to us all. I love that Cami loves the Ensign. I love it too. :)

Rebecca said...

That Violet! So cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to laugh at Violet's happy face in all these pictures. Priceless!