Thursday, January 28, 2016

My version of Star Wars

Per Den's request for his birthday, we went to see Star Wars on Wednesday. 
(his real birthday was Tuesday but I was helping with a baby shower that night)

You know those movie previews they show for a whole 15 minutes before the movie begins? They
are SO loud to me so I leave and walk around outside a bit. Then I come back in, put my ear plugs in
and we were set to go. Or rather set to sit. For 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I'm doing well. Movie’s not bad. I recognize most of the characters from when I use to pick them off
our living room floor back in the 80s.

A text comes in on Den’s phone from some friends from church saying they can’t get home from
the beach soon enough to feed the missionaries tonight and ask if we can feed them instead.
Den hands me his phone. I text and tell these friends that while we would love to, we can’t because
I’m taking Dennis out for his birthday dinner tonight. Turns out the friend says it’s her husband’s BD
too! So we text back and forth about years and places born.

Next a picture text comes in of little Juliet. No matter what I am doing or where I am, I can never get
enough of my grandbabies. She is smiling in her sleep. I think she is liking earth life. How could she
not with the family she was born into.

Another text comes in. It’s my friend T from church. She is asking me to call her when I get home.
Now I’m left wondering…I hope everything’s all right with her.

The movie is okay but nearly as loud as the previews! So I go out to the concession place and ask
since only me and my husband are in Star Wars, could they please lower the volume? The nice girl
says, “Sure. I will ask my manager.”

Back to the movie. The volume seems lower. But my shoulder is hurting. Try to ignore. I shouldn't
have washed all those shutters this morning. It has not hurt like this in months! I go through my purse
looking for some Curamin for the pain. That stuff always works. Can’t find it. I turn on my flashlight
(did I mention Den and I are the only ones in the theater?)…and kept rummaging through my
purse.  Finally I tell Den I need to go find some in the car. Normally he would say he'd go get it for
me. But he's checked out. As he should. It’s his birthday movie you know.

So I walk out to the car and check all the door pockets, the glove compartment. No Curamin
anywhere. I decide quickly to just drive home and get some.

That took about 15 minutes round trip. Sent Den a text, “Hold on, I’m almost there.” just in case he
noticed I was still gone.

As soon as I walk back up to the top of the theater (we always sit in the highest row) I take out the
lunch I made for us earlier that morning. I hand Den his egg sandwich, cut up apples, and chips plus a
bottle of water. Back to Star Wars.

I don’t know what it was…but something about this movie reminded me of K at church. Then
suddenly I realized she called and left a message for Dennis a few days ago. I never finished listening
to it, but I saved it for him….but forgot to tell him about it! I texted K right away and explained and
apologized. She said no worries, she already solved her problem. Good to know.

Another picure came in of Juliet. This time she is cozy wrapped up. She’s only 6 days old but she
sure looks like she is smiling at the person holding her.

Back to the big screen. I got to see the older version of Princess Leia all these years later. I sat there
picturing her younger face in my mind, and remembered my younger life. But none of that mattered
to me. I’m just so happy Den got to finally see a movie of his choice. And unlike most other times, he
hardly noticed how often I left….which is a good thing. After all, we were celebrating his birthday.

And I can finally say I went to a Star Wars movie. My first ever.


Richard said...

Texting in the movie! Flashlight! Egg salad sandwich!, That's the holy trifecta of bad movie manners. I'm offended just hearing about it.

Grandma Honey said...

This proves you read the whole thing. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

You were being a good sport. I'm sure Star Wars is not your "thing". But you did it to please Den. I found this very amusing that you actually went home and came back during the movie and Den didn't even notice. That's so funny!! I'm so glad you told this story!

Lisa said...

I love how "into" the movie you were. To go home & return would also never enter my mind either but your little adventure made me giggle.

Happy Belated Birthday to Dennis! I was waiting for you to say that you called the sister back when you got home & you they brought cake over so both hubbies could have bday cake together! Oh imagination likes to run away...

FYI: Since I'm over the missionary calendar, I heard the sister got someone to fill in at late notice. I'm also that sister's vt'r-she's a riot, and so much fun.

Love your blog Grandma Honey!!! XOXO Happy NEW YEAR.... tomorrow's Feb already!

Scrapally said...

I went to star wars for my hubby too. I saw the original ones 30+years ago...and like them okay. the next ones that came out I can't tolerate. He said this new one is more like the old ones, and of course had our"old" characters so I went. It wasn't too bad. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Your story is so funny. Everything you did during the movie! You were obviously not into the story! ha ha. What a good sport you are! Happy Belated to Dennis!