Sunday, January 31, 2016

I want to remember this

I'm still thinking about a talk I heard at church last Sunday. By the look in the speaker's eyes and
hearing the emotion in his voice, I could tell he was not only very sincere, but he's been through 
a lot. He spoke of family problems, although without going into detail. 
He said he now asks himself every morning, "What can I do today to live a Christ centered 
life?' and then he goes to bed each night asking himself, "Am I doing what I need to do to live 
a Christ centered life?"
I've been putting this to the test this past week. It's amazing to me just by asking
myself those questions each day, how the insight is coming. 
Here are some other points this speaker made that I hope to remember:
*Patience is the understanding of other's faults. (I think this one is my favorite.)
*We need to forgive those who are attacking us.
*We are suppose to love ALL of our brothers and sisters. 
*To love everyone is HARD.
*To love as He loved should be our highest goal.

Last week's church talk goes well with my scripture for the week.
The one I have on my fridge:


Karen Mortensen said...

Very good post. I love what he asks himself each morning.

Lisa said...

You always take the best notes & I'm sorry I missed hearing that talk... I
just wanted to say, "Thank You Jill" for always letting me know you are in my world and I always feel your love for me. Always.

The theater manager said...

Ok...I forgive you for taking that egg salad sandwich into a movie last week.

Scrapally said...

Sounds like a great talk! I need to take better notes at church! I need to ask myself those questions a lot more often than I do!