Saturday, November 21, 2015

A treasure of a day

Violet is our local grandchild who is not in school all day.
And I'd been craving a day with her...

So yesterday I got to pick Violet up from her preschool.

But she soon wanted to show me her injury... something about her hand and someone falling on her.

 Her teacher, Mrs Garcia remembered me from 10 years ago!......

...when she was Elora's preschool teacher!

Just like that, a whole decade came and went and I was back in that same little room.

 On the way to my house Violet asked if she could hold the picture of Mrs. Garcia and Elora 
(the one above)
I heard her saying, "I wasn't born yet when Elora went to my preschool."
She's got that right! Violet was just a hope and a dream to us back then.

I was careful to bring her lunch home with us...

 But when we got there.....and maybe because we had 3 men working on our dishwasher...
 (When you have a dishwasher as old as ours I guess they send a trio.)

...She asked to eat in the playroom.
And she said she wanted Mac and Cheese instead. 

And she wanted to serve herself.

Before taking her home we made a stop back at the school since she had forgotten her jacket.

Mrs. Garcia had already left, 
so we went to find the janitor as Violet was saying, 
"I know everywhere about this school! Just follow me."

So happy to be reunited with her jacket!

My favorite part of our day was nap time. Lying on my bed together I told her 3 stories. 
I talked as fast as I could and watched as her eyes got big trying to follow, 
until she could no longer keep them open. 

That was my cue to get up, but we both fell asleep. 

Then part way through our nap I was feeling so cold since I had given her one of my blankets. 
But right about then her sleeping body rolled into mine, making us both warm and cozy. 
Sweet bliss.

I don't want anyone touching this room for awhile (as in cleaning). It has Violet written all over it.
Den did however throw out the  Mac and Cheese about 11:30 last night.


Brock said...

Very sweet account. Loved this blog. (Admittedly biased.)

Scrapally said...

Sweet day! I love everything about it...except for the repair...hope that got fixed!!

grandmapeg said...

A perfect, fun, "Grandma Honey and Violet" day! Thanks for sharing. You always put things in the right perspective.