Monday, October 26, 2015

Very fun way to make Ice Cream

I had no idea ice-cream could be made so easily, with so much fun, and so little sugar. 

We (myself and 1 or 2 other women) meet with the Primary Activity Girls  (ages 8-11)
in our church, twice a month and we have the best times together.

They LOVED the 5-8 minutes of jumping around to get the ice cream solid, and it worked! 
 Dennis asked me when I got home if all the girls actually liked the ice-cream. 
I said, apparently so because they happily ate it all up with none left behind. 
And I kept hearing, "Oh this is so good!"

So here's the recipe:
Homemade Ice Cream

In a sandwich baggie, combine:
1 1/2 cups milk (whole or 2%)
2 T sugar
1 t vanilla

Then place the little baggie in a larger gallon size baggie.
Put in lots of ice and rock salt.
and shake it 5-8 minutes while dancing around the room (dancing optional) 

Enjoy immediately before it melts. 

For some reason I really liked the noise of the ice shaking around in those bags....


Anonymous said...

What fun! Looks like the girls loved it. Good job!

Karen Mortensen said...

How awesome. Looks like fun.

grandmapeg said...

Was the ice cream set up enough after just that amount of time? It looks like a fun idea.

Grandma Honey said...

It was! I was surprised....I thought it would be watery and more like a milk slush. It wasn't at all. I had no idea it could be made that quickly. She did say add lots of rock salt.

Scrapally said...

Fun! Will have to try this with my grands!